Best 6000 Watt Inverters – Reviews & Buying Guides

A 6000W inverter is considered as a large-size unit. It can be used to run heavy appliances because 6000-watt output is huge.

On this page, I have included only those power inverters that have 6000W output power and they can be connected with 12-volt batteries. Which means, these large capacity inverters convert the 12V/24V DC power into 110V/220V AC power.

AIMS Power PICOGLF60W24V240VS 24 Volt Pure Sine Inverter Charger

Reviews and helpful text for new customers going to buy AIMS 6000watt inverter

In the best 6000W inverter reviews, this AIMS pure sine wave power converter is the first participant. The AIMS power inverter has many highlights such as 18000-watt serge power, low frequency, GFCI outlets and true sine wave reliable output.

To use this inverter, you need a 24V battery because it delivers 120/240 volt AC power. After the successful connection, the AIMS inverter will start converting the DC battery power into the useable AC power.

The manufacturer says that it supports eight types of batteries including lithium batteries. Also, the power converter is highly safe to use because it is built upon advanced protection features. So, you will not see issues such as high inverter temperature, high voltage, short circuit because the AIMS inverter features many fuses inside.

From many highlights of this AIMS inverter, I liked the 18000W serge power that last for 20 seconds. This capability is very useful to run heavy appliances that need extra start-up power. Also, the combination of pure sine wave output makes it an ideal unit to power heavy-duty motors, compressors that require substantial peak power. Moreover, please note that the 24V inverter is split phase capable that outputs 110V, 120V, 220V and 240V AC power. Read more…


  • You get timely delivery in a protective box.
  • The installation is easy.
  • With this AIMS inverter, the battery will not drain quickly.
  • The power inverter poses industrial strength without a doubt.
  • A heavy-duty inverter
  • The split phase capability is very advantageous for varied usages.
  • Many people have used it with their solar panels.
  • It is a good battery charger also.


  • On Amazon, a customer complained that he received a defective item.
  • Heavyweight

The AIMS 6000W inverter has many pros that you cannot ignore. The heavy-duty inverter can offer 24×7 service in large homes powering their home and kitchen appliances. You can also use this power inverter to run various industrial tools because it delivers pure sine wave 6000 watts.

XYZ INVT 6000w Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave Inverter

reviews text on XYZ INVT 6000-watt inverter - new brand, new model and old performance

After AIMS 6000W inverter, please check XYZ INVT 6000W inverter. Actually, the main purpose of writing 6000W inverter reviews is to show you some of the best inverters that deliver 6000-watt power.

Like previous AIMS inverter, this XYZ INVT inverter also delivers pure sine wave power. For your information, please let me tell you that pure sine waveform is another name of clean and smooth electricity just like the household electricity. Such high quality electricity is very good for powering complex electronic devices because these devices are always safe with the pure sine wave input.

When it comes to output capacity, the pure sine wave inverter gives you 6000W clean power with a double serge power assurance. Yes, this heavy-duty power converter has 12000W serge power. The frequency is also impressive because it has 60Hz frequency, which is good to supply reliable electronic current to all appliances in your home. To run your home appliances, you need either 110V or 120V AC power, which comes from this XYZ INVT 6000 watts inverter. Of course, you need a 12V battery. Also, the inverter is supported with a remote control for the operation ease.

More importantly, it is based on a low interference technology that delivers true sine wave power just like your regular utility connection. As a result, the XYZ INVT inverter delivers precise power for your sensitive electronics like music instruments, TVs, microwaves. Also, in the standby mode, the inverter consumes very low energy to save the circuitry board, electricity and the connected devices will always be safe. Read more…


  • 12V DC input
  • 10V to 15V DC range
  • 85-90 percent efficiency
  • 120V AC output
  • 9.5V to 10.5V low voltage alarm
  • 9V to 10.5V low voltage shut down
  • USA type outlets
  • The Package Contains
  • XYZ INVT 6000W Inverter (one piece)
  • Fuses
  • Battery cables (two pieces)
  • User book (one piece)
  • One-year warranty with friendly customer service

The list of specifications tell that the XYZ INVT 6000 watts inverter has the capability to meet users’ expectations. For a better understanding, please refer to the user manual that comes included with the inverter. Within one year, if you encounter any problems in your inverter, you do not have to worry  because a one-year warranty is attached.


  • The inverter works fine as mentioned by many users.
  • Many are using it for their off grid system
  • Good performance for the price you paid
  • Highly responsive customer service team
  • True sine waveform, which is demanded power quality.
  • One-year warranty

The heavy-duty 6000watt inverter is fine with many home based appliances like fridges, washing machines, microwave ovens and a bunch of other appliances.


  • The new item on Amazon has not received too many reviews.

Seeing its features, specifications and a few user reviews, the XYZ INVT 6000W inverter seems a heavy-duty unit. Those who want to buy a uniquely designed inverter; they must check this powerful unit. To me, it seems robust, protective and productive. It delivers 6000-watt pure sine wave output, and it can be operated with a remote control as well. A 12-month warranty also comes with this XYZ INVT inverter.

AIMS Power 6000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger 48V DC

information on AIMS 6000W continuous power inverter

Previously, I wrote on a 24V AIMS inverter, this one is a 48V DC inverter that delivers 6000-watt output. You are reading 6000-watt inverter reviews, so purposefully; I have to show you some of the inverters that deliver 6000w output. Also, it is not possible to include all those 6000 watts inverter that sell on the market because a lengthy webpage may get slower to load.

One thing is sure that AIMS inverters are very powerful because AIMS poses more than twenty years of experience. Their customer service is also very impressive so I will say that go with AIMS power inverters with full confidence.

The 48V power inverter is a great current conversion tool because it gives you split phase output. As a result, you get both 120V and 240V AC output. Most importantly, it is not just an inverter, but also a battery charger with an AC auto-transfer switch. From this 48V inverter, you can expect a good level of efficiency because the manufacturer claims that it has 92% efficiency.

The AIMS 6000W inverter has multiphase charging capability with pure sine wave output. Of course, you receive high serge power because it has 18000W peak power to tackle most of the loads and mobile power requirements. One thing, I will highlight here that most inverters have 200% peak power of their continuous power but this AIMS 48V inverter offers 300% peak power of its continuous power. Also, the peak power lasts for 20 seconds while with other inverters, the peak power is only for 3-4 seconds. Read more…


  • For many, it is a dependable inverter.
  • The 300% high serge power is a good capability in this inverter.
  • Build quality is very good so it will last for a long time.
  • Many users say that it works as expected.
  • 6000-watt split phase inverter


  • The idle consumption is a little higher than normal.

The pros, cons and product reviews are in front of you. You can now decide whether this 48V inverter meets your requirements or not. For many users, this is a robust power inverter that delivers good service. It is dependable for high power requirement because 6000W continuous and 18000W peak power is huge.

AMPINVT 6000W Peak 18000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Charger DC 24V to 120V/240V AC Output

AMPINVT 6000W Inverter for solar panels, homes, industrial use, large farms and others

You already saw 6000W inverters from XYZ INVT, AIMS brands in the best 6000 watts inverter reviews. Now, please check AMPINVT 6000 watts inverter and charger. The AMPINVT inverter takes 24V DC current from a battery and converts into 120V/240V AC power. The AC converted power is pure sine wave power.

The 6000W inverter has multi-stage charger that supports varieties of batteries including gel, lithium, AGM flooded batteries and many others.

Motherboard: the AMPINVT inverter delivers reliable outputs because it has a high-grade motherboard. The motherboard is made of imported components, DSP control chips and several high-class inductances. Also, the motherboard is denser enough to provide stability and reliability. It has 98-percent power generation rate and MPPT tracking rate.

Power cables: for a solid performance, every component should be solid. That is why; the power cables are very efficient and highly resistant to the electrical current.

Many Working Modes

AC input mode: in this mode, the inverter takes electricity from the public power utility. In case, there is power outage, the inverter will take electricity from the connected battery. Which means the battery power will only be used when the household power is not available.

Battery priority mode: primarily, the electricity is taken from the connected battery. In case, the battery is low, the output you will get is from the household 110V Ac power.

ECO mode: this mode is to conserve electricity. The inverter detects less than 10% load then it goes to sleep. If the load is more than 10%, it will start normal power inversion.

Generator mode: when the generator mode is ON; the inverter converts rough current into stable current.

Unattended mode: this mode is very useful when the inverter is connected with a solar panel. Many times, the battery is low on voltage, so if the inverter finds that it is connected with a low-voltage battery, it goes into the standby mode, just like the power saving mode. On the other hand, if the battery restores its voltage, the inverter will start working to give you normal output.

You can see all the inverter modes above. I see it is a good function AMPINVT 6000W inverter that has so many modes to simplify the life and to protect the connected devices, inverter itself and the battery as well. Read more..


  • Overload: the system detects overload when it finds the output between 110% and 120% for 30 seconds. If it finds more than 160% output for 300 milliseconds, the air-cooling will start working.
  • 85V to 135V AC input voltage range
  • 55 Hz to 65 Hz AC input frequency
  • Waveform: pure sine wave
  • More than 88% conversion efficiency
  • Output voltage: 110V AC minus-plus 3% in battery mode

As per the specifications, the pure sine wave AMPINVT inverter is highly protective against overload and common electrical faults. It has low frequency to offer stable currents to the appliances.


  • Pure sine wave output
  • Split phase: 110V/240V
  • Various operation mode for your convenience
  • 6000W output is huge to power most of the home appliances


  • Many people faced connectivity related issues

The AMPINVT 6000 watts inverter does not look good to me. Many users are unhappy with the quality, wiring related things and performance. To the future buyers, I will say to research more on this before they commit to buy.

PowerBright PW6000-12 12V DC to AC 6000W Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

Powerbright inverter 6000w from popular brand

After the AMPINVT inverter, please check PowerBright PW6000-12. The 6000 watts inverter is also a part of the best 6000W inverter reviews. However, all the inverters on this webpage deliver pure sine wave current but this one delivers modified sine wave current.

The main reason to write about this 6000W power converter is that it comes from the popular PowerBright brand. In fact, most PowerBright inverters on the market outperform the competitors.

Some highlights are anodized aluminum case, LED display, built-in cooling fan, 30-amp fuses, four 120V AC outlets, overload alarm and power on/off switch.

In fact, the inverter is very easy to use. You just need to plug it directly to a 12V battery. After the successful connection, you will be able to power your appliances, power tools and many other electronic equipment. Read more…


  • Modified sine wave output waveform
  • 90% efficiency
  • 28 lbs. weight
  • 10V DC to 15V DC input voltage
  • Over voltage shutdown: more than 15V DC
  • Under voltage shutdown: less than 10V DC
  • Overload shutdown
  • Short circuit shutdown
  • Thermal shutdown
  • AC 110V receptacles: 4 (3-prong)
  • Dimensions: 26” length, 2.9” width and 6.1” height

If you are a future buyer, please read the specifications mentioned above. It will be helpful to understand the product deeply.


  • It delivers good output.
  • Users are running their heavy-duty air compressor, steamer, vacuums and many others.
  • Many people have bought this inverter five years before; they are still using it without problems.
  • Good customer service team


  • You need to buy heavy-duty wires and terminals for a heavy-duty use.

PowerBright PW6000-12 is a modified sine wave inverter. The brand is very popular, so I wanted to include a 6000W inverter in this review. I have put this inverter at the end because this one is not as powerful as other four inverters mentioned above. On a caution note, I would say to you to research more on this product before you buy it. I am saying this because on many selling platforms, it has received some negative reviews.

Conclusion – Reviews & Buying Guide on 6000 Watts Inverter & Charger

In short, I tried my best to find some of the best 6000 watts inverters. As a result, I found five inverters that have been mentioned above.

These power inverters and battery chargers are from trusted brands such as PowerBright, AIMS, XYZ INVT and AMPINVT. Some of the inverters offer split phase output, which means you can get 120V AC or 240V AC output from these inverters. You can use the output as per your requirements.

On this page, you will be able to find 12V DC, 24V DC and 48V DC power inverters. So, please choose a power inverter as per your battery voltage specifications. For example, you want to use your 12V battery, go with the 12V inverter.


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