Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Reviews: Mophorn, Y&H Brand

On this page, you will read about micro inverters. The main purpose of writing these micro inverter reviews is to show you some of the best micro inverters. All these grid tie inverters are currently available on Amazon.

To convert direct current from solar into alternating current, a micro inverter does the work greatly. These inverters have a long service life, just like a solar panel. Which means, one can get its service for 25 years and even more.

You are going to read micro inverter reviews. These reviews are based on users’ comments, reviews, suggestions and other research works done by me. To show the best grid tie inverters, I tried to include them from popular brands such as Mophorn, Y&H, Siemens and Enphase.  In title, you will read reviews on four micro inverters. To know the features, pros and cons of these grid tie inverters, please keep reading.

Mophorn 1200W MPPT Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC to AC 110V Micro Inverter

Mophorn 1200W MPPT solar grid tie micro inverter reviews

Mophorn micro inverter is a 1200W DC to AC converter. From the inverter, you receive 110V AC power that you can use to power your devices and appliances.

The waterproof micro inverter excellently gets rid of any sort of liquids such as rainwater. For the safety, it can be connected in parallel.

The grid tie inverter has reverse power transmission. So, with the help of this advanced technology, extra electricity is transmitted to the grid. This way, the micro inverter can be used efficiently.

Also, the inverter can display the current uses. Based on this real-time information, many important things can be done. It is good to control start-up, shutdown and the power management.

Parallel installation: in fact, a micro inverter can be installed in parallel or in series. You can install it in parallel at the last position. Also, you will install it in parallel with no changes with the previous configuration. Also, you do not have to worry of ether installation or maintenance because it is easy to do.

The solar grid-tie micro-inverter is a good way to convert solar energy into useable current. After this, you will be able to run your home appliances and entertainment devices. The Mophorn micro inverter is based on MPPT technology. It also supports reverse power transmission and comes with a digital control.

Also, it is a waterproof inverter because it carries IP65 waterproof design made with high grade aluminum material. So, it has a long life. Such micro inverters will last years after years. Read more…


  • For many users, the Mophorn grid tie inverter works as expected.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • The grid-tie inverter has independent inputs for each panel.
  • Easy to understand features
  • Good price


  • Some users complained that it shuts down due to over-heating (over 85° F temperature).
  • According to some users, the wire colors (positive and negative) are a little confusing. When, you cut the ending point of these wires, it is very confusing to know which one is plus or which one is minus.

Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Reviews considered Mohorn micro inverter at the first position because users have liked it. Many users have written in their reviews at Amazon that this grid tie inverter worked as expected. According to them, it is a compact inverter, which is also easy to install. However, some users complained that it got shutdown due to overheating. Hence, it is advised to use a heatsink to get rid of the over-heating issue.

Y&H 1000W Grid Tie Inverter Stackable MPPT Pure Sine Wave

Y&H 1000W Grid Tie Inverter Stackable MPPT Pure Sine Wave

In Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Reviews, this Y&H 1000W pure sine wave inverter is also being included. The MPPT technology based inverter has 1000W capacity. It supports DC 20V to 45V input and AC 90V to 140V output. This grid tie inverter is fine with many solar panels such as 24V, 30V, 36V PV panel.

Well, before you use this grid inverter, the manufacturer clearly warned that this inverter should be according to the MPPT range. If you keep it in the MPPT range, you will not have problems related to the output voltage. Also, it is possible that the inverter will not work if it is out of the MPPT range.

Additionally, if you are using this Y&H grid tie inverter with your solar panel, you do not need to go according to voltage such as 20V or 45V, rather use according to wattage such as 200W to 1000W solar panel.

The 1000W capacity micro inverter is based on MPPT technology that ensures utmost efficiency. You can expect efficiency more than 99%.

Protection: the grid tie inverter is based on MPPT – Max Power Point Tracking and Stackable. It has island protection. With these good protection capabilities, if any short circuit occurs then you may see a little smoke but it will not catch a fire because the inverter has alloy aluminum casing. Well, to ensure utmost safety, when you setup, please tight the DC terminals very well. If they are tighten very well, short circuits related things would not happen. Read more…


  • 1000-watt/110-volt output power
  • 20-volt to 45-volt DC input
  • 90-volt to 140-volt AC output voltage
  • 48-Hz to 62 Hz auto – frequency range
  • 200-watt to 1100-watt solar panel capacity
  • VMP 30V to 39V; Voc 38V to 46V solar panel voltage
  • 26V to 36V MPPT range
  • CE RoHS certification
  • Package contents: one-piece grid tie inverter by Y&H, one-piece power cord, one-piece user guide in English language.


  • Tech support is very good.
  • For many users; it worked as described; they are getting the output wattage as per the specifications.
  • High quality material is used to build this inverter.
  • The design is also very good.
  • Built-in fan activated during the peak hours.
  • The external fans keep it cool and silent.
  • You can expect 800W output all day, in case you need the steady performance.
  • One of the best grid tie inverters that can be connected in parallel. And, it is fine with two or three phase configurations.


  • You have to use with proper precautions to make it last longer.
  • For good output efficiency, you need to be careful to keep it in the MPPT range.
  • According to some users, you need to use a 36V battery but the product description suggests using DC20-45V.

Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Reviews tells that Y&H 1000W inverter is a good power conversion tool. It directly converts the solar energy into useable AC current. Many users say that you are fine with 800W output all day, which seems good to me. The grid tie inverter uses high quality material so it is durable enough. It has built-in fan that works for the safety.

Y&H Grid Tie Inverter 600W Pure Sine Wave Micro Inverter

Y&H 600w solar grid tie micro inverter reviews

Previously, I included Y&H 1000W inverter in the Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Reviews. Now please read about Y&H 600W Grid Tie Inverter.

The manufacturer says that Y&H 600W inverter supports DC 11-volt to 32-volt input and AC 110-volt output. To deliver clean electricity, this micro inverter outputs pure sine wave current. With the stable current, any devices and appliances can run without a problem.

For a convenient use, this grid tie inverter comes in a compact and lightweight profile. As you know, an inverter’s main work is converting DC into AC. In a simple term, it coverts direct current from battery into alternating current to power those devices and appliances that run on AC 110V power.

To make it more functional, the 110-volt output is matched with the utility grid.

Fans in an inverter play an important role to keep the entire system cool when needed. So, keeping this thing in mind, the Y&H 600-watt micro inverter features a smart fan that runs on certain parameters. Actually, when it detects the inverter temperature more than 45° C, it will start automatically. Well, the manufacture says that the inverter has a high-speed cooling fan to keep the inverter cool and running.

MPPT technology: the Y&H micro inverter uses MPPT technology that is claimed to deliver more than 99% efficiency. It has 80% peak conversion, which seems impressive to me. To get the best performance from your solar panel and this micro inverter, you need to have 555W inverter to get 400W output, for example. Read more…


  • Low price
  • You get a fast shipping
  • Many users are running their solar panels with this inverter without an issue.
  • The MPPT technology is reliable
  • Multiple protections
  • Cooling fan does its work perfectly and silently.
  • It comes included with a power cord and a user manual


  • Some users complained about the banana terminals.

The Y&H micro inverter comes with best features and specifications. You can see the pros and cons; they look good to me and the users are very happy with this low-cost inverter. The micro inverter is highly protective, has cooling fan to save the inverter from overheating. And, this inverter is based on MPPT technology for the reliable output.

Siemens M215 Micro-Inverter M215-60-2LL-S22-IG Microinverter

Siemens M215 Micro-Inverter M215-60-2LL-S22-IG Microinverter

Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Reviews now includes Siemens M215 micro inverter. According to the manufacturer, you can depend on the performance it offers. In short, it is a reliable micro inverter. Also, the inverter has a simple design that helps in installation and operation.

I will say that the simple design inverter is perfect for a solar system. The Siemens micro inverter comes with all the accessories so you will not have any difficulties for the setup.

The purchase of Siemens M215 Microinverter gives you trunk-and-drop cables, the Envoy communications gateway and access to the analysis and monitoring website.

According to the product description, it says Siemens 215W Microinverter. Further, the grid tie inverter is based on an advanced technology that has a separate arrangement for the DC circuit, and it is insulated from the ground. Which means you will not require a Ground Electrode Conductor.

Many times, in the product description, it is written that the inverter has a simplified design. To me, it seems that it is really a simple-to-understand micro inverter that will not require too much effort for the installation. Additionally, the easy-to-install inverter may save some money spent on the labor and materials. Read more…


  • It works like the Emphases M215 inverter.
  • Fast shipping from Amazon
  • The micro inverter does not require grounding.
  • Works with up to 215-watt panels
  • A high-grade micro inverter with 25-year warranty
  • It works with all Enphase M-series micro inverter and accessories
  • Easy to install


  • Many users are confused with the relation between Siemens and Enphase.

Siemens M215’s pros and cons indicate a high quality product that has a long 25 years warranty. It also sells on Amazon, so you can expect a fast delivery of the shipment. According to many users, this inverter does not require grounding and it can work with up to 215W solar panels.

Conclusion – Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Reviews

To sum up, four micro inverters have been included in Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Reviews. These micro inverters are best performance units according to my research. Of course, they are low-price inverters that are currently available on Amazon and they may be available on other selling platforms as well. The included inverters are from Siemens, Y&H and Mophorn.

These grid tie inverters are perfect for connecting with your solar systems. Of course, you can connect these inverters with multiple solar panels. Almost all the inverters are based on MPPT technology, which is considered an advanced technology to deliver reliable performance. The MPPT technology is also very helpful to keep the inverter safe and protective.


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