• FlameZum 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter – DC 12V to AC 110V USB Inverter

    In case, you want to buy an inverter and you want both low-price & high-performance, please check FlameZum 1500W inverter. The pure sine wave inverter is highly capable to deliver performance and ease-of-use.

    The FlameZum 1500W inverter has many positives such as true sine wave output, safety, multiple usages, wired remote control, LCD display and 18-month warranty.

    FlameZum Inverter’s Features

    Widely Applicable – such powerful inverters are perfect for emergency power supply, RVs, boats, business trips and many others. For the varied uses, the 110V power inverter features dual USB ports, and 4 X 110V AC outlets. Using these connection sockets, you can comfortably connect multiple devices and home appliances. For fast charging, each USB port has 2.4A capability. With the 2.4A USB connection, you will be able to charge your devices at a fast speed, which is good for the emergencies such as storm, hurricane and power outage.

    Protection – the FlameZum 1500W inverter comes in the latest design because it has dedicated input and output terminals. Also, the unit is based on soft-start technology. In case, the inverter detects any electrical faults, it will notify you with a red light indicator and alarm sound. The inverter is automatically deactivated from the battery on overload, over-current and over-heat.

    Pure sine wave – from FlameZum 1500W inverter, you receive clean electricity, which is good for charging sensitive electronics and other devices. The 1500W pure sine wave power is good for charging medium-wattage appliances and day-to-day gadgets.

    LCD display – to keep you informed, the LCD display shows relevant information on battery uses, output power consumptions, input voltage, temperature and waveform.

    Package contains – FlameZum 1500W inverter, wired remote, battery cables, user manual and 18-month warranty card.

    FLAMEZUM 1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

    Specifications – FlameZum 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    • DC input: 12V (10.5 – 15.8 volt)
    • AC output: 120V (105 – 130 volt)
    • Waveform: pure sine wave
    • Continuous power: 1500W
    • Peak power: 3000W
    • Connection sockets: 4 x 110V AC sockets, dual USB ports (2.4A)
    • No-load power: 0.9A to 2.5A
    • Battery cable: a pair of black and red cables, 2.62 feet long
    • Cooling fan: starts automatically on 113° F temperature, 1/2 inverter load
    • Remote controller: 15 feet remote control cable and RJ10 plug
    • Warranty: 18 months
    • Display type: LCD
    • Model number: FLK-1500W-12V-120V
    • Brand: FlameZum

    In short, I don’t see any issues with the specifications. These specifications resemble popular brand inverter’s specifications. Additionally, it comes with an 18-month warranty. If you get any problems, you have 18 months in your hand to claim.

    FAQs – FlameZum 1500W Inverter

    Q: does the inverter come with soldered or non-soldered fuses?

    A: it comes with non-soldered fuses, and you get additional fuses too.

    Q: what is the gauge of battery cables?

    A: for six feet or less, it is recommended to use AWG 4 wire (positive and negative).

    Q: what is the rated efficiency?

    A: according to the product description, it has 95% efficiency; however, the manual says 92%.

    Q: can the inverter run 300W device in a normal car?

    A: it is not recommended to get more than 150W power from your car battery. Otherwise the fuse will blow.

    Q: is it a pure sine wave inverter?

    A: yes, it is a pure sine wave inverter.

    Q: will the FlameZum inverter shut off automatically on high load?

    A: yes, it comes with the overload protection capability.

    To get answers to your general questions, please refer to the list of FAQs. It contains questions and answers related to capacity, accessories, protection features and many others. In case, you don’t find an answer to your question, please check on Amazon as well. In fact, Amazon has a FAQ section for every product.

    What Does Users Say about FlameZum 1500W Inverter?

    One – an Amazon customer says that the inverter does the job it was purchased for. He uses this inverter to extend his solar system. According to him, the digital display is at the right place on the middle top of the inverter.

    Two – he says that he returned the inverter because it was with some technical issues. He got a replacement. This time, the inverter worked fine but it had some display issues. Again, he contacted the customer service team and issue was resolved. Now, he is impressed with the good customer service.

    Three – according to him, the inverter worked as expected but it beeps annoyingly. He says that the beeps come when solar charger kicks on and starts pushing over 14.8-volt.

    Four – this customer bought the 1500W inverter for his shop-vac in his RV. The inverter worked excellently. Further, he complained that the fans are noisy.

    Five – according to this Amazon customer, the inverter works well. He tested powering some low wattage appliances, he didn’t experience any issues. He connected the inverter to a lithium-ion battery. Additionally, he says that the display is useful because it shows the battery voltage and output wattages. It seems like a steel at the price he bought. Now, he plans to use it for car camping.


    • Wired remote control
    • Simple setup
    • Useful LCD display
    • Low-price
    • Quick-response customer service
    • Perfect for emergency power backup
    • Good for several small home appliances
    • Solid battery wire
    • 18-month warranty on the product
    • Pure sine wave output
    • Isolated input/output design
    • Widely used for indoor and outdoor applications
    • Full protection against overload and over-current


    • Noisy fans
    • Beeps constantly

    Surprisingly, the FlameZum 1500W inverter has countless pros, which are directly converted into the high performance. On a safety note, the inverter is protected not only from several protective elements, but also with an 18-month warranty. However, according to some Amazon customers, the FlameZum inverter is a little noisy.


    In short, FlameZum makes impressive power inverters, no doubts to it. Consequently, the FlameZum 1500W pure sine wave inverter comes with the features that are rare in such a low price. The unit has won harts of countless customers on Amazon, not only for the performance, but also for the ease-of-use and device compatibility. Of course, the inverter is highly recommended to buy based on enthusiasm of its customers on several shopping platforms.

  • Fit4Less 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter – Wired Remote Control

    According to the finding, Fit4Less is not as popular as BESTEK, Energizer and AIMS. However, it makes solid inverter with rich features. These Fit4Less inverters come at reasonable prices if you check them on Amazon.

    To fulfill your varied needs, the manufacturer makes this inverter in multiple sizes. Which means the Fit4Less pure sine wave inverters are available in sizes such as 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 2500W.

    Extensively, this review focuses on Fit4Less 1500W pure sine wave inverter. This Fit4Less inverter has 1500-watt continuous power and 3000-watt surge power. The inverter features 2Amp USB port and dual 110V AC outlets. With the multiple outlets, you can connect your desired appliances and devices. On a safety note, the output outlets are ETL approved.

    Fit4Less 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter - dual usb - remote control

    Circuit & cooling fan – according to Fit4Less, the inverter carries the latest design with an advanced circuit board. Impressively, the inverter features two cooling fans to cool the circuit card and other components. Reliably, the dual cooling fans are capable to maintain the require speed.

    Attachments – the inverter comes with OFC battery cables, fixing wrench for input terminals and a remote control with 16 feet wire.

    Precaution – to power heavy-load appliances, it requires more than the rated power to start. Thus, please ensure that the inverter is capable to provide sufficient power. In case, the inverter fails to provide sufficient power, you may have to buy a high-power inverter to handle heavy appliances.

    Additionally, please make sure that the Fit4Less 1500W inverter is connected with sufficient DC power source. If required, you may have to connect with a high-power battery to run load-intensive appliances.

    Specifications — Fit4Less 1500W Inverter

    • 1500 watts continuous output
    • 1700 watts maximum output power
    • 3000 watts serge capacity
    • 85% efficiency on full load
    • DC 12V input voltage
    • Less than 1Amp no-load current draw
    • 110V to 120V output voltage
    • 60 Hz frequency
    • DC 5V USB ports (2Amp capacity)
    • On/Off remote control
    • High-speed cooling fan (thermal controlled)
    • Protection from over-load, low/high voltage, over temperature and short circuits

    Impressively, the Fit4Less inverter has the specifications that will surely deliver good performance. The 1500W output power is perfect for running most of the home appliances, entertainment devices and much more. In fact, I liked the 1500-watt capability because it falls in medium range, neither too low nor too high.

    Wired remote control – excitingly, Fit4Less 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter comes with a wired remote control. Before you use this remote control, it is advised to switch off the inverter manually. In case, you find that the Fit4Less 1500W inverter is not starting with high load, please change the mode from remote control to manual.

    One more thing, the remote wire takes approx. 1V DC power, which may cause the inverter to show low-voltage warning. It happens when the inverter is connected with a low-size battery and the load is too high. So, it is advised to connect the pure sine wave inverter with a high-power battery and please keep the car engine on to run high-power appliances.

    FAQs – Fit4Less 1500 Watt Inverter

    Q: what is the Amp rating of the 110V AC outlet?

    A: the AC 110V outlet has 15A rating.

    Q: can I mount the inverter in car’s engine compartment?

    A: it is not advised to mount the inverter in the engine compartment because the inverter may heat a little when it runs. According to the manufacturer, the inverter is not weather/heat resistant so it is not good to install in the engine compartment.

    Q: what is the length of cable to connect with the battery?

    A: for good performance, the inverter comes with 2 feet cables. In case, you require a cable longer than this, please purchase it from the nearby stores. However, please know that shorter is better for supplying the rated output power.

    Q: can I connect this 1500W inverter with a cigarette lighter plug?

    A: by the manufacturer, it is not recommended to connect via a cigarette lighter plug because it is a 1500W inverter. In case, you need to connect via the cigarette lighter plug, please make sure that the connected devices don’t consume more than 150W power.

    Customers’ Reviews on Fit4Less Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    One – this customer is not happy with the performance. For the experiment, this customer connected a 960-watt heater with the inverter. He was able to make a pot of coffee that pulled 900 watts power. Furthermore, he didn’t like the fan that comes on/off frequently. To other customers, he suggests mounting this inverter in a soundproof place.

    Two – happily, this customer shares his experience on the usage of this inverter. He tested the 1500W inverter by connecting his oscilloscope under many loads such as high, low, medium and light. The inverter delivered good performance with true clean power in all conditions. According to his experience, the inverter is well built undoubtedly. He says that the same quality inverter will cost 5X more.

    Three – the user has expressed his happiness in his reviews. He says that he is able to operate several devises without any troubles. According to him, he runs a 3.2 cu. ft. mini fridge, a 6-watt microwave and laptops very comfortably. The inverter features an alarm to inform you if better went low. For the operation flexibility, the included remote control is very handy. The inverter comes included with thick wires for the installation. Further, he advised that please make sure that you mount the inverter next to the battery for good output.

    Four – an Amazon customer is unhappy with the performance of the inverter. He said that it is worthless. He also doubted the pure sine wave capability. The inverter fails to run an 1135-watt appliance, so it will not deliver the 1500-watt power.

    Five – this customer warns other not to buy it. According to him, the Fit4Less 1500W inverter doesn’t handle a 900-watt load.

    Six – according to this reviewer on Amazon, the remote control is perfect to use in his RV. He doesn’t have to get up and turn it on and off. However, he says that the fan frequently comes On and Off.


    • Remote control
    • Reasonable price
    • Good protection
    • High-speed dual fans
    • Sockets are ETL approved
    • Comes in multiple sizes (wattage)
    • Perfect for RVs and home appliances
    • Thick battery cables
    • Pure sine wave output


    • It doesn’t deliver full output
    • The fans come on/off frequently
    • Loud noise

    On a final note, the pros and cons tell that this is an average performance inverter. Personally, I admit that some customers have questioned its capacity. However, there are countless happy users of the Fit4Less 1500W pure sine wave inverter. Considering all factors such as price, output power, accessories, ease-of-use and the protection capability, the inverter is recommended to buy. Well, I’m hopeful that in the next version, the manufacture improves the inverter. The inverter has also received complaints regard fan noise, less output power and frequent on/off fan.

    Ending Thoughts on Fit4Less 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    To conclude, the Fit4Less inverter is actually a fit for less. Yes, seeing the low price on this 1500W inverter, I recommend buying. The pure sine wave power inverter looks impressive from many sides.

    First, it comes at a reasonable price. Second, it features a wired remote control, which can be used to operate the inverter remotely. In my view, the remote control makes the inverter very handy and flexible, which is also very good for the RV uses. Third, the inverter outputs pure sine wave power, which is good to run almost all devices and appliances based on the load.

    However, I warn the customers that the inverter has received some complaints on Amazon related to the less output power, loud sound etc. Please research more on this before you commit to buy this 1500W inverter.

  • Energizer 1500 Watts Power Inverter – Modified Sine Wave Inverter

    For a budget buy, Energizer is a famous name. It not only makes low-price inverters, but also outperforms its competitors on the inverter market. In fact, Energizer is an industry leader that makes numerous inverters in different sizes, capabilities, designs and prices. For reliable performance, you can check Energizer 1500 watts power inverter.

    To give you verities, the same Energizer inverter is available in many sizes. Thus, you can get Energizer inverters in different sizes such as 100W, 150W, 200W, 500W, 1100W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W and 4000W. However, this review focuses on the 1500W model. Because, I concentrate only on Energizer 1500W power inverter, so I will be able to describe it in details.

    Energizer 1500 Watts Power Inverter - 110V AC and USB Ports

    Output capacity – this is a modified sine wave inverter. It delivers 1500W continuous and 3000W peak power. Well, main job of any power inverter is converting DC power into AC power. Similarly, this Energizer inverter converts the battery DC power into useable 110V AC current.

    Helpful in emergency – according to Energizer, this 1500W unit is perfect for storm, hurricane and outage. Since, it features dual USB ports and dual 110V AC outlets, so the 110V inverter is perfect for emergency uses, mobile uses and portable uses.

    Device compatibility – the Energizer 1500 Watts Power Inverter is easy to setup with a 12V battery. After the battery connectivity, the unit will start converting the 12V DC to 110V AC. Then, you can use the AC power to run several devices such as TVs, small kitchen appliances, table fans, industrial tools and home appliances.

    Energizer 1500 Watts Power Inverter Delivers Reliability

    Since, the inverter comes from Energizer, so quality and performance ensured. Energizer is a well-known brand that has been on the market for a long time. You can find countless inverter varieties from Energizer at reasonable prices.

    Actually, the Energizer 1500W power inverter is not only a performance house, but also a protective unit. Therefore, it is protective to overload, voltage irregularity, heating problems, short circuits etc. Additionally, all the inverter errors are shown on the LCD display. The LCD screen also shows status of input voltage, output voltage and battery level.

    Uses – you can use the Energizer inverter for camping, fieldwork, DIYs, power shortage, tailgating and emergency.

    Warranty – Energizer says that their products are with rich quality. That is why the company offers 2 years warranty on this 1500W inverter for the assurance.

    Certification – this Energizer inverter is approved by MET under UL std 458 and CSA. Which means the inverter is completely safe and delivers high performance.

    Customers’ Reviews on Energizer Inverter

    One – an Amazon customer said that he is using this inverter as an emergency power backup. Currently, he is living on a place where power goes out frequently, so this inverter did the great job to keep their appliance charged. Further, he says that after several hours of use, the inverter doesn’t have heating issues.

    Two – this customer is using the 2000W Energizer inverter. He complained that the inverter shuts off after few minutes even with just 300W load. He says that it shuts off without any warnings.

    Three – a customer on Amazon wrote in his review that he loves this Energizer inverter. He said that he used the inverter for powering an air conditioner. He says that the inverter solves most of the electricity problems.

    Four – according to this user, everything worked expected. He said that inverter showed 13.3 DC voltage and 117 AC voltage with a 300W load. The user didn’t get any noise related issues.

    Five – this customer complained that only the USB ports worked. The 110V AC outlets didn’t worked. He contacted Energizer and he was told that he could get a replacement at a store. The problem he faced that there was no store within 100 miles from his house.

    Six – according to this Amazon customer, he used 300W model, which fails to run on 1500W load. Further, he says that his other inverter handles 1500W load without any issues.

    FAQs Centered on Energizer Inverters

    Q: does the inverter consume power on the idle mode?

    A: yes, it draws 0.3-amp power at 12V DC.

    Q: can the Energizer 3000W inverter run a full size refrigerator?

    A: yes, if you have purchased ENK3000 then you will be able to power a full-size refrigerator.

    Q: do I need a charge controller if I connect the inverter with a solar and battery?

    A: yes, you need a charge controller to avoid overcharging.

    Q: does Energizer 1500W power inverter produce pure sine wave output?

    A: no, this is a modified sine wave inverter.

    Q: does the inverter recharge automatically?

    A: an inverter is just a current conversion device. It doesn’t have a built-in battery. You need to connect the inverter with a battery then you will be able to receive 110V AC current to charge your preferred devices.


    • Comes from a trusted manufacturer
    • Stylish design
    • Perfect for emergency, power outage etc.
    • Affordable price
    • Protective to common electrical issues
    • Two years warranty
    • LCD screen to show status
    • Approved by MET under UL and CSA
    • Easy to install


    • The inverter received complaints regarding automatic shut-off
    • The customer support is handled by PowerBright
    • Some customer complained that the AC 110V outlets don’t work.

    According to the list of pros and cons, the inverter comes with two years of warranty for the peace of mind. In case, you get any problems, please claim the warranty. I see that warranty related things are handled by PowerBright. This Energizer inverter is encouraged to buy because it is approved by MET under UL. However, according to some customers, the Energizer inverter also comes with some disadvantages because some customers on Amazon were not happy with the performance.

    Concluding Thoughts on Energizer 1500 Watts Power Inverter

    To conclude, I would say that the Energizer 1500 watts power inverter has both happy and unhappy customers. However, I have to tell the fact that it has countless happy customers and few unhappy customers. Keeping all the positives and negatives in mind, I would recommend buying this inverter.

    In fact, there are many reasons behind the recommendations. First, the inverter has received too many positive reviews on Amazon and other shopping websites. Second, it is protective to all common problems that occur in a typical inverter. Third, the price is reasonable. Finally, it comes from Energizer that is famous for making good quality inverters in various sizes.

  • DieHard 425W Power Inverter – Modified Sine Wave Car Inverter

    For a low budget, the DieHard 425W power inverter can be the best alternative. The 425W power is perfect to charge several devices like gaming consoles, laptops, cell phones, televisions and small appliances.

    The DieHard inverter is easy to install in vehicles because it is especially made for vehicle usages. For a handy use, the 425-watt inverter is a solid and medium-sized unit. That means the modified sine wave inverter is perfect for cars, boats and RVs.

    Just like RV inverters on the market, the DieHard inverter converts 12V DC battery current to 110V useable current. Thus, you can use the 110V current via two outlets to charge your preferred devices.

    Protection – the DieHard 425W inverter has competences such as temperature shutdown, overload protection and several other protective features. Additionally, the power inverter comes included with accessories such as 12-volt plug, battery clamps and ring terminals.

    Output power – the DieHard inverter delivers modified sine wave power. It delivers 425W continuous and 850W peak power. In fact, some appliances require startup power, which is more than normal. Therefore, the peak power is very useful in that condition. Please note that peak power remains just for few seconds, after that the inverter supplies continuous power. In this inverter, 425W is continuous power.

    DieHard 425W Power Inverter – FAQs

    Q: is this a 425W or 850W inverter?

    A: this is a 425W inverter. It has 425W continuous and 850W peak power.

    Q: what size wire do I need to connect with a battery?

    A: you need to use 10 GA wire minimum.

    Q: is this a modified or pure sine wave inverter?

    A: DieHard 425W inverter is a modified sine wave inverter.

    Q: what is the frequency?

    A: the frequency output is 60Hz.

    Q: does this also come with USB ports?

    A: no, the black model doesn’t feature USB ports. However, the latest model comes with USB ports

    Q: can this inverter run an air mattress pump?

    A: if the air mattress pump requires less than 425W power, you can use this inverter to blow up your air mattress.

    It is encouraged to read the FAQs because it contains general questions and answers related to this inverter. In case, you have a question, please refer to the list of FAQs. The list of frequently asked questions contains information related to capacity, installation, compatibility, quality and many others.

    Users’ Reviews on DieHard 425-watt Inverter

    One – a user at Amazon says that he found miss-leading information in the product description.

    Two – according to this Amazon customer, he used the DieHard inverter to power a fast charger for his cordless weed eater. The charge runs successfully drawing 425-watt power from the inverter. He says that he has hard-wired the inverter in his truck. According to him, no issue is found in the inverter. Which means it works perfectly for him.

    Three – it is good for using a 9.5V battery charger for some cordless devices. However, the cables are a little weak. He says that overall it is a good buy.

    Four – according to this user, he connected the inverter directly to his car battery. He happily mentioned that the inverter worked for powering a blender, Christmas lights and a radio during a camping trip.

    Five – the inverter delivered good performance for powering an air compressor from his car battery.

    Six – perfect for power outages, easy to use

    Seven – this customer says that the DieHard 425W power inverter did the job. He used the inverter to start his bike from a car battery.


    • Perfect for charging power tools
    • Built-in high temperature shutdown capability
    • Easy to install and easy to use
    • It comes included with needed accessories.
    • Lightweight design
    • Good for camping


    • Flimsy battery cable
    • Miss-leading information in product description

    The pros and cons say that DieHard 425 power inverter is a rich-quality unit. For travelers, the inverter works perfectly. It is also easy-to-install and easy-to-use. Overall, the inverter comes with many benefits that make the life easier. Conversely, the DieHard unit comes with some disadvantages also. It comes with a flimsy battery cable and there is some miss-leading information in the product title and description on Amazon. I hope the manufacturer sees and correct.

    Ending Thoughts on DieHard 425W Inverter

    At the end, I will say that DieHard 425W inverter seems impressive from all aspects. It comes at a reasonable price if you buy it from Amazon. The inverter has received countless positive reviews from its existing customers. Thus, it is strongly recommended to buy.

    Well, there are many reasons of the recommendations. It is a solid and lightweight inverter, equipped with protective features. The inverter is very easy to set-up and easy-to-use.

    Please know that this is a modified sine wave inverter. The current comes from a modified sine wave inverter is good to run several devices. However, if it were a pure sine wave inverter then it would have been better than this modified sine wave inverter.


  • DEWALT 1000W Inverter – 12V DC to 110V AC USB Inverter

    Before I start describing the inverter in details, please let me know some of the disadvantages of this inverter. Well, DeWalt is a popular brand name of countless power tools and other industrial products. Therefore, undoubtedly the expectation should be high from this product.

    However, some customers on Amazon have given negative ratings. Which means they are not impressed with the performance the inverter delivers. On the other side, the inverter has also many happy customers. Consequently, I will say that inverter has received mixed reviews, which are composed of both positives and negative reviews.

    According to the manufacturer, the DeWalt 1000W inverter delivers good performance. For easy connection, it features multiple connection ports. Yes, it features dual 110-volt AC outlets and three USB ports. The USB port is of 3.1A capacity, which is good for fast charging requirement.

    DeWalt 1000W Inverter - Portable 12V DC 110V AC inverter
    The inverter features three USB ports, two 110V AC sockets and comes included with required accessories.

    This DeWalt inverter can be used to charge various electronic devices like laptops, power tools, mobile phones and other appliances. In short, you can charge all those devices that consume less than 1000-watt power.

    LCD screen – the unit features an LCD screen that shows battery status, output current and error information.

    Accessories included – DeWalt 1000W inverter comes included with accessories like battery connectors and mounting hardware. Please note that 12V DC accessories are not included with the purchase.

    DeWalt 1000W Inverter – Questions & Answers

    Q: can it run a power tool?

    A: yes, it can run a table saw and other power tools. However, please make sure that total consumption power is not more than 1000W.

    Q: will it run a 4-inch Makita grinder?

    A: yes. It can run even a DeWalt chop saw.

    Q: how can I plug this inverter to receive full 1000W power?

    A: yes, for this, you need to plug it via a battery cable. Please make sure that the cigarette lighter plug will not be helpful to deliver 1000W. The cigarette lighter plug is only good for less than 150W output.

    Q: can I run this inverter from a solar panel to power some LED bulbs.

    A: yes, of course! Please make sure that you don’t connect directly to a solar. You need to connect it with a battery. The battery should be connected with the solar.

    Q: is this a pure sine wave or modified sine wave inverter?

    A: this is a modified sine wave inverter. As of now, DeWalt only makes modified sine wave inverters. In case, you need a pure sine wave inverter, please check with other brands.

    The frequently asked questions and answers are related to the DeWalt 1000W inverters. In case, if you have any questions, please scan the list of FAQs; I’m confident that most of your questions will be answered here. If you still do not get answer to your question, please visit Amazon on the same product page. There is a section to ask questions. I’m sure you will find your answer there. If the question is not available, please create your own question.

    Users’ Comments on DeWalt 1000V Inverter

    One – a customer on Amazon says that the DeWalt inverter burned out after three months. I would not purchase an inverter from DeWalt in future.

    Two – this user complains that inverter is constantly beeping without any valid reason. Additionally, the user complains that the inverter is automatically turning off on less than 500W load.

    Three – According to this Amazon customer, the Dewalt 12DC to 110V AC inverter came with a detailed manual. The inverter allows connections via three ways such as cigarette lighter, alligator clips and a permanent bolt. The unit is very useful and convenient to this user.

    Four – the customer says that he used this inverter with his solar panel to charge DeWalt batteries. It works fine but it has beeping issue.

    Five – according to this customer, the inverter only worked for two months. Now it does not turn on.

    Six – the DeWalt 1000W inverter worked good in a pickup truck according to a customer on Amazon. He used this inverter to power on a pancake-style air compressor and other electronic devices. Further, he suggested that for a low consumption, one should use the 12V adapter in a vehicle.

    Seven – according to this customer, the DeWalt inverter impressed him. He uses the inverter to run a large sound system on a boat.


    • It comes from popular DeWalt brand.
    • Many connection options
    • Easy to use
    • Nice LED screen
    • Appropriate size
    • Comes with a detailed manual
    • It is good to run small power tools.


    • High price
    • The feet should be longer.
    • Normally, dual USB ports are fine; it comes with three USB ports.

    All advantages and disadvantages are listed above. According to the list of pros and cons, DeWalt 1000-watt inverter is an average performance inverter. Same, you can find in the users’ reviews if you read on Amazon. The price of this unit is a little high. I assume the high price is due to the popularity of DeWalt. Furthermore, some customers on Amazon complained that the unit stopped working after two months. Thus, I will say that be careful and research more on this DeWalt inverter before you commit to buy.

    Ending Thoughts

    To conclude, I will say that the DeWalt 1000W inverter has both happy and unhappy customers. I’m saying this because I read reviews on Amazon.com and other selling platforms. The product has received mixed reviews.

    Personally, I’m unable to understand that why Dewalt (a popular brand) is failed to deliver quality. Roughly, the inverter is good but it should be with increased quality. Our expectations are high from DeWalt because we are paying a high price.

    On an ending note, I will say that only buy this inverter if it fulfills your needs. In some situations, an average quality product becomes the best quality product. I know you may have good faith in the DeWalt name or you liked the design, some unique features the inverter comes with.


  • Cobra 2500W Portable Power Inverter – USB DC 12V to AC110V Inverter

    For RV, boat and home use, Cobra 2500W portable power inverter can be the best unit. It comes with many advantages, which make it a buyable inverter for RV and home use. You get clean electricity to power entertainment devices from this Cobra inverter. It not only delivers clean power, but also comes with various connectivity options, advanced LED indicator, portability and ease-of-use.

    The reliable Cobra CPI2500W inverter is protective because it comes with built-in pentagon protection capability. It is very protective against reverse polarity, voltage abnormality and various electrical faults.

    LED Indicator – according to Cobra, the unit features an LED indicator (seven-color), which notifies you about the inverter’s status. It mainly indicates battery’s voltage, power consumption wattage etc.

    Portability – the medium-size inverter is good to install on your desired places. After the successful installation, it will start supplying electricity to the connected appliances. Such powerful inverters are perfect for appliances used in kitchens, camping, travelling and anywhere else.

    Multiple purposes – this Cobra 2500-watt inverter is perfect for various usages. Since, it features four output sockets, so it is perfect for connecting various 110V appliances. Thus, it becomes the best inverter for office equipment, home appliance, industrial tools and kitchen appliances.

    USB ports – it features two USB ports which have fast-charging capability. Using the USB connections, you can charge various gadgets such as mobile phones and other USB based devices.

    Cobra CPI2500W Portable Power Inverter - remote control - usb ports

    FAQs of Cobra 2500W Inverter

    Q: will the car battery discharge, if connected with the inverter?

    A: yes, if you use it without running the car engine.

    Q: how will I connect this inverter with the car battery?

    A: you need to connect it via hard wired to the battery. Please know that lighter outlet in the vehicle is only for low consumption, less than 150W. Since, this is a 2500-watt inverter; you need to connect via a hard wire.

    Q: is it a pure sine wave inverter?

    A: no, Cobra CPI2500W is a modified sine wave inverter.

    Q: after the connection, the display shows LUP, what is it?

    A: LUP is an error code, which is shown on the digital LED. It shows when the input voltage is lower than required.

    Q: will it take more than 200Amp from the battery to deliver 2500W output power?

    A: yes, if you need the full 2500W output, the inverter has to draw 220Amp from the connected battery.

    Q: how do I charge my USB devices?

    A: the Cobra 2500W inverter comes with dual USB ports, which can be used to charge the USB based devices.

    Some general questions related to Cobra 2500W inverter have been answered. These questions are related to connectivity, output capacity, device compatibility etc. It is advised to refer to the list of FAQs, which may answer some of your questions.

    Users’ Thoughts on CPI2500W Inverter

    One – disappointedly, an Amazon customer write in his review that he is sending the Cobra 2500W inverter back. He says that it is not worth the money.

    Two – this customer says that the inverter works as advertised. However, he is not happy with the support team. He says that the customer support is non-responsive.

    Three – according this Amazon customer, this is a great inverter. It is working fine for him.

    Four – the user says that he installed the inverter in a Tesla. It worked for powering his electric stove, refrigerator in camping. Further, he says that a big battery doesn’t die.


    • Perfect for camping, RV, homes
    • Durable
    • Dual USB ports and 4 110V AC outlets
    • Great protection mechanism
    • 90% efficiency
    • Two cooling fans
    • On/off remote control
    • LED display (7-color)


    • Poor customer service
    • Installation is a little complicated.


    According to the pros and cons, the Cobra 2500W inverter looks an average performance inverter. Additionally, the inverter has received mixed reviews on various selling platforms. Personally, I don’t like it a lot. For buyers, it depends on many factors such as price, fitting, usages, electricity quality. I will advise that please research more on this inverter before you take your buying decision.


    In short, I will not recommend buying this Cobra 2500W portable power inverter because it has received mixed reviews. The inverter has both happy and unhappy users. It puts me in a difficult situation to decide whether it is recommendable or not. I would request all of you to read reviews posted by customers on Amazon. Further, I found that Cobra’s customer service is not responsive that raises one more question. Some customers on Amazon have returned the inverter. On the other hand, some users are happy. That’s why, I say the inverter has received mixed reviews. Rest depends on you.


  • Champion 3400W Inverter Generator – Portable Dual Fuel RV Generator

    In case, you are looking for a popular inverter generator, please check Champion 3400W Inverter Generator. The generator runs on duel fuels such as gasoline and propane. Which means you will use either gasoline or propane to operate this high capacity generator.

    The Champion generator has a medium-size fuel tank that holds up to 0.6 quarts oil. It features an oil sensor that stops the unit if it senses low oil. Since, it comes with a low-oil sensor, so it becomes very convenient.

    Electronic stuffs – the unit has an electronic start capability, which is powered with an ignition switch (3 position). Also, the generator comes with a battery, which is helpful for starting the unit effortlessly. The Champion 3400W generator features a control panel, which helps in controlling the generator very easily.

    Low Noise level – according to the product description, the generator has 59 dBA noise level at 23 feet distance, which can be acceptable. I see some generators have noise rating higher than this. Well, up to 80 dBA noise is acceptable, so the 59 dBA noise level of this generator is very good. Such generators are perfect for RV, homes, tailgating etc.

    champion 3400 watt portable inverter generator

    High Performance 3400-watt Output

    The Champion 3400W Inverter Generator delivers 3400 watts starting power and 3100 watts running power. On gasoline, the generator runs for 7.5 hours. Additionally, it delivers clean electricity that is good for sensitive electronic devices.

    Output sockets – duel fuel portable generator features a 30A 120V socket for RVs, dual 120V 20A household sockets that supply clean electricity. It also features dual 12V DC USB ports. Using all these connectivity options, you will be able to run several devices simultaneously.

    Specifications of Champion 3400W Generator

    • 3400 starting wattage
    • 3100 running wattage
    • 1.6-gallon fuel tank
    • 4-stroke 192cc OVH engine
    • Up to 7.5-hour runtime on gasoline
    • Up to 14.5-hour runtime on propane
    • 25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches dimensions
    • Included components: USB adapter, battery, oil funnel and propane hose
    • 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support

    From the specification list, the Champion generator looks capacitive. It delivers 3100W running wattage, up to 14.5-hour runtime on propane. The unit comes included with all the required accessories, so you don’t have to buy them separately. Moreover, a 3-year of warranty and lifetime technical support is also included.

    FAQs – Champion RV Generator

    Q: does the Champion 3400W generator come with an LP hose?

    A: yes, it comes with the hose.

    Q: do the battery and starter make it a heavyweight generator?

    A: yes, at some extents. However, without the battery, the generator will not run.

    Q: is this generator good for powering a 13500 btu AC?

    A: yes. According to many customers, they didn’t get any problems running their 13500 btu AC.

    Q: can I use natural gas to run this generator?

    A: for this requirement, you need to buy the upgraded generator, which runs on gas, lpg and gasoline.

    Q: is the engine made in America?

    A: according to the manufacture, the engine is designed in America but assembled in China.

    Q: can I also use my RV battery to start this generator?

    A: yes, any 12V battery will work.

    In fact, the FAQs are very helpful to understand the product deeply. In case, you got any questions related to this Champion 3400W generator, please refer to the list of FAQs. The list may contain answers of your questions. The FAQs cover some of the general questions of this dual fuel generator. These questions are related to its capacity, fuel requirement, manufacturing place and accessories.

    Existing Customers Thoughts on Champion 3400W Generator Inverter

    One – this customer bought this Champion generator from Amazon. He says that he bought this generator at the half price of a comparable Honda. It took 5 days for the delivery. The generator comes ready to start instantly with less setup. According to him, one needs to connect the included battery, add 20 ounces of oil for the initial 5-hour break and it is good to go. He purchased the bottle of 20-ounce oil from HomeDepot.

    Further, he says that the generator is full of useful features. However, he customized the generator according to his requirement and added an hour meter. He purchased an hour meter from Decooler Inductive at a low price, which is very easy to install with the generator without cutting anything.

    Two – according to this customer, he purchased this Champion generator after exploring various generators on the market. The generator runs quietly and it comes at the half price compared to Honda generators.

    Also, the user says that Champion 3400W Inverter Generator has impressive power because it runs his 30 feet travel trailer including a 13,500 BTU AC. To run these appliances successfully, the user has to follow the guidelines provided by Champion tech support. He didn’t get any issue to connect this Champion generator to the trailer’s propane system.

    Three – this Amazon customer tagged it as an awesome generator. It is surprisingly silent. The customer is able to power his 13.5 rooftop AC on his RV without any problems. However, he only ran the generator on propane. Further, he says that the generator came with a broken battery cable. For the replacement, he had to contact Champion. The manufacturer quickly sent a replacement panel and a complimentary generator cover. He expressed his happiness on the fast customer service.

    Four – according to this customer, he required a 3000W inverter and wanted to buy Honda models. He says that Honda is also good but priced higher than other generators on the market. That’s why, he bought Champion 3400W inverter at the half price of a Honda generator. The customer purchased this dual fuel Champion generator after a ton of research. He says that the dual fuel capability in this generator is awesome.


    • Smooth and noiseless performance
    • Appropriate price
    • Countless happy users on Amazon
    • Good for RVs, home use
    • It can power an AC.
    • Lightweight
    • Lifetime free customer service
    • 3-year warranty
    • It can run on propane as well as gasoline.
    • Wheels for portability


    • Some accessories are flimsy.
    • A little heavy



    In short, Champion 3400W generator inverter is awesome. It has many happy customers on different shopping websites. According to the reviews posted on these selling platforms, the generator is really a good buy at the current price. In fact, many customers said that it comes at the half price of a Honda generator.

    It is rich in features and capability, has the dual fuel capability. The Champion generator can be started via an electric switch or rope pull as well. Amazingly, the Champion’s customer service team is pretty quick and responsive if you got any problems. It is highly recommended to buy because it comes at a competitive price.

  • Cantonape 800W Inverter – 12V DC to 110V AC Inverter for Vehicles & Homes

    Cantonape 800W inverter looks sturdy and heavy-duty from outside. I checked users’ reviews on Amazon. It has received tremendous reviews not only on Amazon but also on other selling platforms. According to the reviews, the Cantonape inverter is sturdy, powerful and protective.

    The car & home inverter comes with various excellent features, which will surely deliver ease-of-use and the needed power. According to the manufacturer, it has 800-watt continuous power with more than 90% efficiency.

    USB and 110V AC Output

    The Cantonape 800-watt inverter delivers modified sine wave power, which is good to power small to medium size appliances. For the connection with your desired devices, the inverter features 2 x AC 110V sockets and dual USB. The USB delivers 3.1A charging output, which is perfect for charging laptops, computers and other USB enabled devices.

    Cantonape modified sine wave inverter comes with high efficiency. The manufacturer claims that it has more than 90% efficiency. With such high efficiency, you will be able to run several devices simultaneously. Further, the 110V inverter delivers 2000W peak power, which is good for those appliances that require start-up power for few seconds.

    Cantonape 800W Inverter Review

    User Friendly Design

    The inverter has a strong aluminum body, which is preventive to the external impacts. The aluminum case is also helpful in easy cooling. You can find 2 pieces of battery clips and 24-inch cigarette lighter plug, which are located at the appropriate place for the user friendliness. The built-in cooling fan is also at an appropriate place to provide required cooling to the entire system inside the inverter.

    The middle-size Cantonape 800W inverter is designed very well so that it can fit almost any vehicle. On the other hand, it is good to use at home to power your home appliances.

    The Protective Features

    Cantonape claims that this inverter comes with multi-protection capability. According to the manufacturer, the inverter has 40A fuses, which are built-in and replaceable fuses. I’m sure these fuses will protect not only the inverter, but also the connected devices. Consequently, the 800-watt inverter is protective to:

    • Over heat
    • Overload
    • Short circuit
    • Reverse polarity
    • Under/over voltage
    • Current fluctuation and
    • Other electrical faults

    You can see the Cantonape 800W inverter is fully protective to all common issues that usually occur in a power inverter. Additionally, the Cantonape 800-watt inverter is protected with one-year of warranty for the peace of mind.

    LCD Display

    This multi-protection power inverter has an intelligent LCD display. On the LCD display, you will be able to read status of input/output voltage, battery power and load capacity. Thus, with the help of the intelligent LCD display, you will be alerted if anything wrong is to happen. This way, you keep your battery and connected devices safe.

    Important Details

    • More than 90% efficiency
    • Size: 7.9 x 4.5 x 2.4 inches
    • Weight: 2.43 pounds
    • Protection: short circuit, reverse polarity, under/over voltage and overload
    • Package contents: Cantonape 800W inverter, cigarette lighter plug, user manual and alligator clips
    • USB output: 5V DC, 3.1A
    • Continuous power: 800W
    • Peak power: 200W

    Based on the details provided above, the Contonape 800W inverter looks impressive. The 800-watt power is good to run several devices at the same time. The 3.1A USB ports are perfect for charging laptops and other devices. The inverter has built-in fuses to protect against any electrical faults and overload.

    Cantonape 800W Inverter FAQs

    Q: can I run a rice cooker using this inverter?

    A: if the rice cooker takes less than 800W power, you will be able to run the rice cooker.

    Q: is this a good inverter for a home amplifier system?

    A: no, this is not a good inverter for a home amplifier system. An amplifier system needs clean power so it is better to look for a pure sine wave inverter. This is a modified sine wave inverter.

    Q: can I mount this inverter on the bottom side of a boat battery compartment?

    A: yes, you can but please make sure the inverter needs air movement for the cooling fan. If the place has good air movement, you can install there.

    Q: is this a good inverter for a 1500-watt space heater?

    A: no, it only delivers 800W power so you will not be able to run your 1500W space heater.

    The FAQs contains genuine questions and answers. These FAQs are related to operation, capacity and fittings. In case, you have a question, please read the list of FAQs. It may answer some of your questions.


    • Robust
    • Well made
    • Perfect for vehicles and homes
    • Slick LCD screen
    • Clean design
    • Low battery and over voltage alarm


    • According to a customer, it doesn’t deliver full 2000W output.
    • A little noisy
    • Heating problem according to a customer

    The list of pros and cons are very useful because they show overall picture of the product. In case of this Cantonape 800W inverter, it has too many pros and few cons. Therefore, this is a good inverter to buy. The price seems appropriate, has clean design and strong exterior. From safety point of views, the Cantonape inverter looks good because it has various protective elements, cooling fan and alarm to keep you informed about battery status and over voltage.


    To conclude, the Cantonape 800W inverter delivers good performance according to many reviews on Amazon. However, apart from countless happy customers, the inverter has received some complaints from its previous customers. I’m not sure if these complaints are user-specific or they are indeed genuine problems. I will advise reading reviews on Amazon before you take the buying decision. Overall, the inverter looks impressive from all sides such as price, output power, connectivity options, design, safety capabilities etc.

  • BMK 200W Inverter – DC 12V to AC 110V Car Power Inverter, USB & 110V AC Outlets

    The BMK 200W inverter has received tremendous positives on numerous selling platforms. Before you commit to buy this BMK inverter, please check its ratings on Amazon. I’m sure you will not get disappointed. Since, the BMK inverter has already countless happy customers, so I decided to recommend it here at InverterReview.com website.

    The 200W inverter has numerous advanced features. It features two 110V AC outlets, 4 USB ports (6.2A), LCD display, and separate on/off switch for AC outlets, voltage meter, 15A fuses, and noiseless cooling fan.

    Multiple USB ports & AC 110V Outlets

    The BMK 200W inverter does the great job of current conversion. It converts DC 12V battery current into AC 110V. It has dual AC 110V outlets to charge those devices that require connection via 110V AC plug. You can also charge small electronic devices using the USB ports. The USB ports output 6.2A current, which is good for charging devices at a fast speed.

    In fact, there are many uses of the multiple USB ports. The 4 USB ports will be very helpful to charge up to 4 USB based devices simultaneously. The 2 x 110V AC outlets can be used to power those appliances that can be connected via the 110V AC sockets. However, please ensure that the connected devices shouldn’t consume more than 200W powers.

    bmk 200w inverter

    The Safety Capability

    The BMK 200W inverter comes with built-in smart chip, which detects the connected devices. After the successful device detection, it will start supplying 6.2A output current to charge the connected devices.

    According to BMK, the 110V inverter is fully safe because it is very protective against all the electrical causes. Therefore, the inverter is protective to under & over voltage, short circuit, undercharging and overload. To fight with all these problems, the unit has 15A built-in fuse, which automatically protects not only the unit itself, but also the connected devices.

     Advanced LCD Display

    The advanced LCD of this car inverter shows battery voltage and USB current. Thus, the LCD display not only shows relevant notifications, but also informs you for the safety related things. By knowing the battery voltage and output current, you will be able to know if everything is fine or not.

    Complaint – please be careful because an Amazon customer received the inverter with damaged LCD. If similar thing happens, please contact the manufacturer.

    Additionally, the inverter comes with a built-in switch, which is good for controlling the car electric plug for the safety purposes.

    Smart Cooling Fan

    The integrated cooling fan in this BMK inverter runs noiselessly. The cooling fan is programmed to run automatically. The fan runs faster when the inverter gets warmer. Well, the manufacturer calls it smart cooling fan but I don’t think so. To me, it is a normal cooling fan because most of the inverters have cooling fan with the same conditions.

    Like several other inverters on the market, this BMK 200W inverter also features an LED indicator. The main task of this LED indicator is to show the working status. It indicates with two colors such as green and red. Green color means operation and red color means shutdown.


    • 10.3 oz weight
    • 3 x 1.3 x 5.9 inches size
    • 110V AC output
    • 60-cm cable length
    • 6.2A USB current

    The BMK power inverter looks good with the above-mentioned specifications. It has 6.2A USB ports, which look impressive to me. The 3 x 1.3 x 5.9 inches dimensions make it a portable unit. It is a lightweight inverter because it weighs just 10.3 oz.

    BMK 200-Watt Inverter FAQs

    Q: will this inverter run a 20-volt power tool?

    A: yes, as long as the device takes less than 200W. According to some users’ comments, their fuses were blown at 15A. It means their devices drew more power than 200W.

    Q: will it work with a mini fridge?

    A: it is advised to check how much power your mini fridges require. If it requires more than 200-watt, you will not be able to run a mini fridge. You can calculate wattage using this formula: Watts = amps x voltage.

    Q: how much power does a laptop require?

    A: if it is not a gaming laptop then a normal laptop requires 20-50W power.

    Q: my inverter didn’t come with a manual; I plugged it but not working, why?

    A: perhaps you didn’t activate the inverter. You can find a small power switch on the end to activate the unit. Also, please make sure that you have plugged the unit to a good outlet. In some cases, the 12v lighter plug needs some twists to work properly.

    Q: will this BMK 200W inverter power a hair straightener?

    A: no, a hair straightener requires approx. 1500W power. It is not possible to power a hair straightener.

    The list of FAQs contains some relevant questions. I’m sure some of you may have any questions related to operation of this BMK power inverter. In case, you got a question, try scanning the list of FAQs. I’m sure it will answer most of your questions.


    • Highly popular on Amazon
    • Low price
    • Good protection capability
    • Stylish and lightweight
    • Based on advanced technology
    • Silent operation
    • No heating issues
    • Good for charging laptops, phones, iPads etc.
    • Small size


    • Fuse blown according to some customers on Amazon
    • It gives foul smell when running.

    The pros and cons say that the BMK 200W inverter is a good unit. It is lightweight, stylish and has several connection ports. Using the 4 USB ports and 2 AC 110V outlets, you can run several devices simultaneously. However, please make sure that the connected devices don’t take more than 200W power.


    To conclude, I will say the BMK 200W inverter looks good from all sides. A portable unit weighs approx. 10 oz. The charging device has many happy customers according to reviews posted on Amazon website. From the protection side, the inverter looks promising because it comes with built-in fuses and adopts advanced technology that not only safeguards the inverter itself, but also protects the connected devices.

  • Best Black & Decker Inverters Review – 500W, 200W & 120W 12V DC to 120V AC Inverters

    In the Best Black & Decker Inverters Review, three inverters have been selected. These Black & Decker inverters are PI500B 500W, PI120P 120W and VEC1045BD 200W inverters. We are already familiar with the Black & Decker manufacture that makes several power tools, kitchen appliances, industrial tools etc.

    The Black & Decker inverters are recommended to buy because they adopt advanced technologies. The inverters come at competitive prices and they are ETL approved.

    BLACK+DECKER PI500B 500W Power Inverter

    Black & Decker 500W power inverter has received mixed reviews on Amazon and other selling platforms. Some customers say, it works perfectly, while some customers haven’t given it good ratings due to issues faced by them.

    This Black & Decker inverter features dual USB ports and dual 120-volt AC outlets for connecting several devices simultaneously. It has 3.1A USB ports that are good for charging devices at a fast speed.

    You can plug this 500W power inverter to a 12V car battery via the cigarette lither plug, after this you can start charging your devices. Such 500W inverters are good for charging a bunch of electronic devices including notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, cameras and small kitchen appliances.

    500 watts Black Decker inverter

    According to the manufacture, PI500B has a fan-free design that is good for the silent operations. The special design is good for the connected battery because it will not drain the car battery frequently. Most importantly, Black & Decker PI500B is an ETL approved inverter, which means you don’t have to worry of safety and other similar things.

    Warranty: the 12V DC to 120V AC inverter comes with one year of warranty for the peace of mind. In case, you encounter any problems within one year, please contact the manufacture to claim the warranty. However, I admit the warranty period should be more than one year because most inverters from other brands come with 18-months or 2 years warranty period.

    FAQs of Black & Decker 500W Inverter

    Q: can I connect DC electronics with this inverter?

    A: no, the Black & Decker 500W inverter doesn’t have a DC plug to connect DC devices. In case you want to connect a DC device, please connect with your battery directly.

    Q: what is the output when connected via the cigarette lighter plug?

    A: it should be 150W. I’m sure most car cigarette lighter 12V plug will not supply more than 150W power. If you try to draw more than 150W power, it will cause the fuse to blow on the cigarette lighter side.

    Q: can I use the 500W inverter to run an electric fence that doesn’t consume more than 500W power?

    A: yes, you can. However, please be careful that some appliances require surge power at the startup. Which means if the inverter is given too much load at the startup, it will stop working.

    Q: can I run a vacuum cleaner that is rated as 120V 10A?

    A: no, because 120V X 10A = 1200-watts. You will not be able to run a vacuum. Additionally, please consider that these inverters don’t have always 100% efficiency.

    Q: do I have to keep my vehicle running when connected with the battery?

    A: no, but please make sure that your battery is left charged to start your car.

    The FAQs will answer some of the general questions related to this Black & Decker 500W inverter. It is advised to scan the list of FAQs mentioned above. It contains relevant questions and answers that you may already have. The questions and answers are related to total output power, connectivity related questions and other general questions.

    User Experience

    One – according to this Amazon customer, the Black & Decker 500W inverter is not worth the time. He used the inverter for a weak. It stopped working after few minutes. The inverter failed to charge even his cell phones.

    Two – this user says that the inverter stopped working after three months. He used the inverter just twice. Further, he complains that the power button is not responsive because it switches on and off automatically.

    Three – as per this customer, he has been using this inverter for many years without any issues.

    Four – he says that inverter stopped working after one-day use.

    Five – according to him the Black & Decker inverter looks used because the box was opened and then taped closed. Further, he says that the inverter looks like it is made in China.

    Six – this person says that the power inverter worked for the first two weeks. After two weeks, the 110V socket stopped working. However, the USB ports still work.

    Based on the user experience, which are collected from several selling platforms the inverter is not recommended to buy. The Black & Decker 500W inverter has received too many negative reviews. Please read the above-mentioned user statements, which are taken from some popular shopping websites.


    • Trusted Black & Decker brand
    • Appropriate price
    • Multiple connection sockets including USB
    • ETL certification
    • Noiseless operation


    • Many negative reviews on Amazon
    • Failed after few days
    • Used inverter sent to some customers
    • 110V sockets stopped working after few days.
    • Misleading information by manufacturer

    Based on pros and cons, the Black & Decker inverter looks a useless product. Thus, I will not recommend buying this inverter. It is better to look for an inverter from other brands such as Bestek, AIMS etc.

    Black & Decker PI120P 120W Power Inverter

    In the Best Black & Decker Inverters Review, PI120P inverter is being reviewed. Since it comes from the same Black & Decker brand, so I wanted to review it too.

    Like the previous inverter, this PI120P model is also a low-performance and low-quality inverter. From my side, the inverter is not recommended to buy because it has received mixed reviews composed of both positive and negative reviews.

    According to the manufacturer, Black & Decker 120W power inverter features one 120-volt AC outlet and 2A USB port. In total, you have two connection sockets to charge your devices.

    black & decker 120 watts inverter

    You can establish a connection between the inverter and car battery via the cigarette lighter plug. Then, you will be able to charge small devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc.

    According to Black & Decker, it delivers a fan-free operation, which is a silent operation. The inverter is protective to common electronic issues such as low-voltage, high-voltage, short circuits etc. Additionally, the Black & Decker inverter comes in a special design, which has foldable sockets. Thus, this feature seems very convenient.


    Q: is this a pure sine wave or modified sine wave inverter?

    A: this is a modified sine wave inverter.

    Q: will the inverter run a hair straightener?

    A: no, I’m doubtful to it. You should avoid any heating devices. This inverter is only good for charging cell phones and other small devices.

    Q: can I run a hot pot using this inverter?

    A: no, it is not allowed to run any heating element according to the instruction.

    Q: can I run a vacuum using this inverter?

    A: no, a vacuum draws approx. 1200 watts, so it is impossible to run a vacuum using this inverter.

    Some frequently asked questions have been answered. According to the FAQs, the inverter has very low power. Thus, it is only good to charge small electronic devices such as mobile phones and those devices that draw power less than the specifications.


    • Good for charging cell phones
    • Affordable price
    • Black & Decker trusted brand
    • Lightweight
    • Special design with foldable sockets


    • Flimsy Plug hinge
    • Difficult to attach
    • Very less power

    You can read the pros and cons. According to the pros and cons, the inverter has very less power. It is only good for charging mobile phones and some other small devices. I will advise buying an inverter from other brand. I respect Black & Decker but it has more experience in making power tools, kitchen appliances etc. This manufacturer has not good knowledge for producing good inverters.

    Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter VEC1045BD

    Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter VEC1045BD is the third inverter in the Best Black & Decker Inverters Reviews. The previous two inverters were not very good because they have received too many negative reviews from their users. However, VEC1045BD seems a good inverter based on reviews on various shopping portals.

    Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter takes 12VDC power from your car battery and converts it into 115V AC power. Using the 115V output, you can run several electronic devices.

    black decker 200-watt inverter

    Additionally, the Black & Decker 200W inverter is built with good protective features. As a result, it is highly protective against high voltage, low voltage, short circuits. The inverter also features automatic shutdown capability, which becomes very protective to the connected battery.

    Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter VEC1045BD comes included with all the accessories such as battery clips, cable set, DC accessory plug, owner manual and a warranty card.


    • Good for vehicle use
    • Black & Decker popular manufacturer
    • Safety alarm
    • Protective to the battery
    • Easy installation
    • Worth every penny
    • It eliminates heating issues.
    • On/off switch at the appropriate place
    • Easy to use
    • Connection via cigarette lighter


    • Horrible alarm sound
    • Modified sine wave not good for some devices

    The Black & Decker 200W inverter has many pros, which are directly related to overall performance. The inverter is easy to install and easy to use. The On/off switch is at the right place for the utmost convenience. This inverter is also a battery saver because of the good protection mechanism.


    In short, three Black & Decker inverters have been reviewed on this page. The first two inverters such as 500W and 120W inverters are not recommended to buy. These two inverters have too many negative comments. However, the last inverter, which is Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter VEC1045BD is good from all aspects. It is highly recommended to buy.

    Black & Decker

    Black & Decker is a well-known manufacturer of various home appliances, kitchen appliances and power tools. In the past, it has manufactured countless appliances like microwaves, vacuum cleaners, drill press, metal cutting equipment and many others. However, when it comes to inverters, Black & Decker has not too many varieties.

    Since, the manufacture is not fully involved in making inverters, so there should be some performance or quality issues. However, the last inverter, which is Black & Decker 200 watts inverter on this page, looks very good and performance oriented.


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