Newpowa 210W(Watts) Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High Efficiency Module for RV Marine Boat Trailer Camper Green House Off Grid System

Previously, I wrote on a 100W solar panel, now please check this 210W solar panel by Newpowa. The Newpowa is a popular name for many good solar panels and other similar products. The Monocrystalline 12V solar panel is good for sailboats, RVs and green house off grid system.

Before I write about its features and capabilities, please let me tell you that this Newpowa solar panel comes with 25 years transferable power output warranty. I saw this information in the product description at website.

The installation process is very easy because the diodes are already installed in the junction box with 3ft MC4 cables. So, you do not have to worry of the installations.

Newpowa 210W(Watts) Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High Efficiency Module

According to the manufacturer, the Newpowa solar panel delivers good power. As stated above, it delivers 210W power that can be used to fulfill your needs.

Dimensions: in inches, the solar panel measures 64.57 by 26.57 by 1.38. The appropriate panel size will not be affected from high winds and snow loads.

The Newpowa solar panel 210W comes in its latest design that has higher cells efficiency and conversion capacity.


  • Anodized frame for the overall protection
  • Multi-layered sheet laminations for the longer life
  • It has various mounting options to install on wall, pole or flat surface.
  • The 210W solar panel is good for campers, RVs, boats, rooftop and other locations.
  • Pre-installed bypass diodes to get rid of shading
  • 27.56 lbs weight
  • 64.57 x 26.57 x 1.38 inches dimensions
  • 210W maximum power output
  • 16.77V MPP Vmp
  • 12.48A current mpp
  • 13.09A short circuit current
  • 19.83V voltage open circuit Voc

Please read the above mentioned points very well because they tell overall capabilities and specifications for this product.


  • For many users, the 210W solar panel is very good for their limited roof space.
  • This is a good solar panel for RV applications because the panel has special arrangement for the shading.
  • You receive the product delivery in a good condition and good packaging as mentioned by many users.
  • Many users say that they were able to get good output even in cloudy weather.


  • The plastic wire cover is not very good because it is not sealed correctly.


In short, the Newpowa 210W solar panel is very good as mentioned by many customers in their reviews. The good thing is that this solar panel delivers good performance even in shady cloudy weather. The price of this product looks appropriate.

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