ROCKPALS Portable Solar Panel 200W with Kickstand, Foldable Solar Charger

Those who need a 200-watt solar panel, the Rockpals 200-watt solar panel can be the best energy generation tool. The Rockpals foldable solar panel comes with many advantages over majority of solar products that sell online. Of course, from this solar panel, you get high efficiency without any doubts. It has settings such as type-C output, kickstand, folding capability and it works with various power stations such as Bluetti, Rockpals and others.

Many Features – the Rockpals 200W solar panel features a versatile cable that works with RockPower and other power stations available on the market. People use the Rockpals solar panel for charging phones, cameras, laptops, tablets and other USB-based devices. Therefore, if you do not have an access to electricity then you can use this solar panel to generate electricity on demand. Of course, the presence of sunlight should be there to get high efficiency from this solar panel. Of course, to store the electricity, you need to have a good power battery because the solar panel itself does not store the power rather it directly transfer the power to the connected battery.

ROCKPALS Portable Solar Panel 200W

Highly Efficient – the Rockpals solar panel features monocrystalline silicon solar cells therefore these solar cells are capable to convert 23% solar energy into free energy for power generation. To get high output from this solar panel, you need to angle the solar panel toward sunlight. Of course, the day is not a sunny day; you may get reduced output from this solar panel. To catch maximum sunrays, the solar panel has a maximized area of 93 x 21 x 1.2 inches. In case, you need to go with this solar panel, you can fold and pack it and go with it anywhere you want to go.

QC 3.0 and UCB-c Port – the Rockpals 200W solar panel features QC 3.0 and UCB-c port that charges the connected devices at a fast speed. In fact, Rockpals say that these output ports are 4 times faster than ordinary solar panels. Therefore, we can say that the solar panel has good charging and device detecting capabilities. Most importantly, the Rokpals solar panel not only maximizes the charging speed, but also protects the connected devices from overcharging, overloading and other electrical deficiencies.

The Compactness – this solar panel gives you an option to fold into a small size. Therefore, I say that it is a handy option for out-goers because they can easily pack the solar panel by folding into a small size. When the solar panel is folded, it becomes 21 x 24 x 2.4 inches in size. For the ease of carrying, the solar panel comes with a rubberized handle. Additionally, the Rockpals portable solar panel is a long-lasting electric generator because it is made with an ETEF-laminated case. I will say that it is a good product for outdoor applications like picnic, forest navigation, outside friends gathering, camping, and climbing because it is IPX4 water-resistant product.

The Complete Package – the package consists of 1 x foldable solar panel, 1 x 4-in-1 cable and 24×7 lifetime customer care service and 24-month warranty.


  • Brand: Rockpals
  • Models: 200PRO
  • Power voltage: 36V/18V
  • 18V CD port with an Aderson cable
  • 23.5% cell efficiency
  • 5.56A max power current
  • 6.67A short circuit current
  • Monocrystalline Silicon Cell
  • USB QC 3.0 and Type C output
  • Impressive charging and device detection capabilities
  • 18V DC port is for supplying 100W power
  • 36V DC port is for supplying 200W power
  • Two junction boxes
  • Waterproof

Some of the main capabilities are listed in the above highlight section. Please scan the list of these highlights; they will surely help in understanding the product in a better way. You can see the Rockpals solar panel features USB QC 3.0 and Type C output ports, has good charging and detection capabilities.


  • A well-built solar panel
  • Foldable solar panel is easy to carry with the handle.
  • Made of solid materials
  • Compatible with many power stations
  • Good for charging multiple devices simultaneously
  • Features a pocket to store devices when being charged
  • An extended warranty card inside the package


  • The manual is a little hard to read.

The pros and cons tell that it is a good solar panel. The foldable solar panel has multiple output ports to charge many devices at the same time. This solar panel works with various power stations available on the market.


At the end, I will say that if you need to buy a solar panel with multiple output ports, buy Rockpals 200W solar panel. The 200W is sufficient amount of electricity to charge many small devices that are used frequently. Most importantly, the solar panel delivers good amount of output at a fast speed. It also has a fast device detection capability.

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