ERAYAK 500W Power Inverter Review

ERAYAK 500W Power Inverter Review

ERAYAK 500W Power Inverter

ERAYAK 500W Power Inverter is perfect for frequent travelers. It comes included with battery clamps cable to provide AC power to numerous devices.

Erayak inverter is really very easy to use, just connect the inverter to a battery and charge your AC powered devices directly.

This Erayak 500-watt power inverter is a great source of potable power, wherever and whenever you require it.

ERAYAK 500W Power Inverter is a great companion in emergency when there is power related issues in your area.

It is not only a helpful source of energy, it is a great tool for travelers for camping, trips, beaches and parks.

When it comes to connectivity options, ERAYAK 500W Power Inverter has 2 110-volt AC ports and 2 USB ports. With the help of these ports, you can power laptops, video game machines and many other small devices as well.

The important features are 500-watt rated power, 1000-watt peak power, DC12V input, AC110V output, 60 to 70 degree overheat protection.

Product: ERAYAK 500W Power Inverter

Additional Information

  • Intuitive LED indicators provides visual working status
  • Power:500W Rated, 1000W Peak, USB 5V 3.1A
  • Input: DC12V, Output: AC110
  • Over heat Protection: 60℃–70℃

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