Ampeak is one of the many power inverter brands. It makes uniquely designed power inverters. However, Ampeak does not have too many varieties of power inverters as of now. According to my finding, it has power inverters in 400W, 750W, 1000W and 2000W capacity. Good thing is that many Ampeak power inverters are ETL certified. They are good at converting DC 12V power into 110V AC power.


A common thing, I see in Ampeak power inverters is its design and color. Almost all Ampeak power inverters come in orange color that looks impressive to me. In case, you are looking to buy uniquely designed power inverter in an affordable price, you must go with Ampeak power inverters.

Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter DC12V-TO-AC120V

Ampeak Inverters Reviews – Ampeak 2000W & 400W Car Inverter

Before we know about these Ampeak inverters in details, we should also know their origin. Well, according to a quick Google search, Ampeak inverters are made in China. Yes, this is true; these Ampeak inverters are manufactured in China but these inverters are totally apart from the typical Chinese products. Undoubtedly, they are rich-quality and …

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