Audiotek 3000W Watt Power Inverter DC 12V AC 110V Car Converter USB Port Charger

Audiotek 3000W Watt Power Inverter DC 12V AC 110V Car Converter USB Port Charger

Audiotek is one of the inverter brands for powerful inverters. In case, you are looking to buy a large-size power inverter, you can check AudioTek 3000W DC 12V to AC 110V power inverter.

The AudioTek power inverter has 1500 watts rated power and 3000W peak power. It converts DC 12V to Ac 110V/120V. The 12V power inverter features AC 110V and USB ports. USB port has 2.1A capability. From the 2.1A USB port, you can expect a fast device detection and charging performance. You can use the AC 110V/120V outlets to supply electricity to the household appliances that need 110V AC power.

For the utmost safety, the AudioTek 1500W power inverter comes included with built-in fuses and a cooling fan. The built-in fuses are good to protect the connected devices and the inverter from power faults such as over-voltage, over-load and the cooking fan works to keep the inverter system cool.

According to the AudioTek brand, it is America’s number one inverter brand. Using this Audiotek power inverter, you will be able to charge your household appliances, small devices such as laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, televisions, ceiling fans and several entertainment devices. The 12V Audiotek power inverter features dual USB ports (2.1A), using these USB ports, you will be able to charge your phones, tablets and other USB-powered gadgets.

You can expect a high protection to the connected devices because the Audiotek manufacturer claims that the inverter has many protection capabilities to protect the linked devices from over-current, over-voltage, over-load, short circuits and power fluctuations. The 120V Audiotek power inverter comes with a cigarette lighter plug and battery clips for the car battery connection. Which means, the AudioTek 3000W power inverter is a good power converter for many vehicles including cars, trucks, RVs and other vehicles.

Since it is an Audiotek product, you can expect high quality and high performance without any doubts. Such powerful 12V inverters are perfect for any loads, household appliances and the emergency power backup. The Audiotek power inverter assures the best quality product with professional customer service.


It is advised to tighten the positive and negative terminals at the time of the inverter installation because a loose connection can give several problems such as over-heat, power fluctuation and many others. Please do not load more than its rated 1500W capacity otherwise the inverter will stop working or it may cause electrical faults.

Please avoid direct contact to sunlight and heat sensitive materials. Otherwise, the power inverter will get warm during the operation. In case, you need to receive more than 150W power, please connect the power inverter with the battery using the battery clips because a cigarette lighter plug has only 150W capability.

Features and specifications

  • 1500W rated output, 3000W peak power
  • 12V input power
  • 110V ~ 120V output power
  • Dual USB ports (2.1A/5VDC)
  • 30A fuses
  • Cooling fan
  • 12 x 7 x 3.5 inches product dimensions
  • Audiotek brand
  • Pi3000 model number


  • Low price
  • Reliable performance
  • Perfect for vehicles, solar panels, household appliances
  • Convenient and easy to install


  • A little noisy
  • Fails to deliver rated power as per many users at Amazon

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