ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel – Foldable Solar Charger Monocrystalline with 20A MPPT Charger Controller

ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel is good for off grid systems, vehicles and campers. This solar panel is being reviewed on website because it has secured good ratings from its users. To buy this solar product, can be the best place because it is reliable and supportive to the customers.

The solar panel saves you from the hassle of reconnection because it is auto optimized for the hassle-free reconnection so the sunray directions are cached efficiently.

ATEM POWER solar panel features MPPT controller that is considered superior than a PWM controller. Therefore, the manufacturer claims that it delivers 20% more energy than the PWM controller. The MPPT controller supplies electricity in good amount. It is achieved because the solar panel has over-charging cut-off technology. Of course, the consumers will receive good outputs from this solar panel without any doubts.

ATEM POWER 200W Portable Solar Panel

Highly Portable – to make it super portable, the Atem Power solar panel comes in a foldable design. It weighs just approx. 8KG. Most importantly, when it is packed; it becomes very small, which is 1/8 of its full size. More importantly, the 200W solar panel comes with 8 stitched loops as an added bonus for use if you make up some hooks when it gets windy.

Monocrystalline Solar Cell – the solar panel cells are based on high-quality PET films that get good penetration rate of 95%. These solar cells are high-class monocrystalline cells that deliver good charging speed. These solar cells have good energy conversion capability of approx. 20%.

Many Applications – the Atem Power 2000W solar panel can be connected with many batteries such as AGM, Gel, lead acid, Calcium, LifePO4 and those devices that have a USB port. The panel has DC connectors and two adaptor cables for the applicable connections.


  • Lightweight – approx. 8KG weight
  • Slim foldable design
  • PET film monocrystalline cells
  • Perfect for frequent travelers
  • Connects to many batteries such as lead-acid, AGM, calcium, GEL, LifePO4
  • Features an USB port to charge portable devices
  • 200W maximum power
  • 12.05A short circuit current
  • 22.5V open circuit voltage
  • Temperature range: -40°C ~ +85°C
  • Power tolerance: -/+ 2%
  • ‎AP-BLKT-2S model number
  • Monocrystalline silicon material
  • Carry-bag included


  • High wattage
  • Highly portable
  • Foldable design – can be backed in a bag with all the accessories.
  • Fast charging performance
  • A good solar panel for travelers
  • It is very efficient to collecting sunlight.
  • Easy to setup


  • Some customers faced issued with the controller because it fails to supply appropriate voltage to their device.


At the end, I will say that the 200-watt solar panel delivers good performance, as many customers are happy with the purchase. It comes with a carrying case that can be used to pack the solar panels with all their accessories. The solar panel delivers fast charging performance; it can used to charge various types of batteries and a USB device can also be connected with this solar panel.

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