• Edecoa 3000W Power Inverter Review

    Edecoa 3000W Power Inverter

    Edecoa 3000W Power Inverter is perfect for travelers and other outdoor use.

    It comes with very simple connectivity profile, just connect the Edecoa inverter to a battery and then connect to AC powered devices.

    It supports power inputs such as 3000 watts continuous power and 6000 watts output peak power.

    Edecoa power inverter comes with multi-protection capability such as AVR (automatic voltage regulation), IPM (intelligent power management) and IFC intelligent fan control.

    Product: Edecoa 3000W Power Inverter

    Additional Information

    • POWER:Output Continuous Power: 3000 Watts; Output peak power (<10ms) : 6000 Watts.
    • MULTI-PROTECTION:Automatic voltage regulation(AVR); Intelligent power management (IPM); Intelligent fan control (IFC)
    • Model No.: DPM30
    • Continuous Output Power: 3000W

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    Product: Edecoa 3000W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC with LCD Display and Remote