FJC (53070) 700W Power Inverter

FJC (53070) 700W Power Inverter

FJC (53070) 700W Power Inverter
FJC (53070) 700W Power Inverter is a good way to convert DC power into AC power. It comes with multiple outlets/ports to connect devices and household appliances and it need to keep dry all the time, so no leaking roofs around, i thought about this and got a roofing company to check all the house just in case. You will find a detailed instructional manual with the purchase of this product to know how to use this inverter in a safe way. It comes with low battery alarm signal and full protection from many power faults including short circuit, overload, low voltage, over voltage etc. Read more…

Additional Information

  • Low Battery Alarm
  • FJC Power Inverter – 700 Watt
  • Connection Cables and Instructions Included
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • Product name: FJC (53070) 700W Power Inverter

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Product: FJC (53070) 700W Power Inverter

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