110V AC to 12V DC Converters Reviews, Pros & Cons

Many devices are programmed to accept 12v DC input power. I see the production of 12V devices and appliances is increasing day by day. Some popular 12V DC appliances are beverage cooler, coffee makers, cigarette lighter, vehicle air purifiers and many others.

Actually, I was curious to know about the gadgets that run on 12V DC power, so I searched Google. I clicked on the first result and I found a long list of 12V DC gadgets. These gadgets are car fans, camping showers, solar panel kits, car tire inflators, electric kettles, car washing devices, seat cover warmers and many others.

It seems to me that today most of the devices and appliances are made to accept 12v dc input. In this time, an 110V AC to 12V DC converter is a useful tool. You can even charge a 12V battery as well.

On this page, you will see some of the best 110V AC to 12V DC converter. These power converters and chargers are affordable, qualitative and available to purchase from Amazon.

AC to DC Converters at a Glance

Image Product Our Rating Buy From
Powermax 55 Amp 110 Volt to 12 Volt DC
Powermax 55 Amp 110 Volt to 12 Volt DC 4.5 Amazon
ALITOVE AC to DC Converter
ALITOVE AC to DC Converter 4.3 Amazon
NIYIPXL LED Driver 120 Watts
NIYIPXL LED Driver 120 Watts 4.4 Amazon
Enersystec 60W 110V to 12V Slim Converter
Enersystec 60W 110V to 12V Slim Converter 4.5 Amazon
Yelesley AC to DC Converter
Yelesley AC to DC Converter 4.2 Amazon

Powermax 55 Amp 110 Volt to 12 Volt DC Power Supply Converter Charger for Rv Pm3-55

Reviews on AC 110V to DC 12V Converter by PowerMax

In the list of 110V AC to 12V DC converters, this PowerMax converter is kept on the top because it is very popular.

As you know, the power conversion tool converts AC power into DC power. With the DC output, you will be able to charge a 12V battery and power various appliances that run on the 12V DC power source. For the charging flexibility, it comes with three stage charging capability. The PowerMax converter is easy to use in most of the difficult situations. The output you get from this AC 110V to DC 12V converter, is stable and clean power, which is acceptable by most devices. Most importantly, it has wider applications; you can use in your vehicles, charge 12V batteries and power those appliances that run on 12V DC power input.

The PM3 line power converter comes in numerous sizes such as 12V, 24V, 48V DC. Which means PowerMax offers solutions to change AC power into the DC power for most of the power requirements. For the higher power requirements, you can combine multiple power converters in series. This converter has the best protection capabilities such as protection from reverse polarity, overload and over temperature. Read more…

Plus Points

  • 3-stage charging competence
  • Fast charging speed
  • A good tool to keep in the travel trailer
  • Externally, it is sturdy, made of high quality metals.
  • It delivers reliable clean power to run devices.

Minus Points

  • The fan is a little noisy.

In the reviews of 110V AC to 12V DC converters, this PowerMax 12V converter is on the top because it offers too many pros to its users. You can see the list of plus points that is mentioned above. An extra-ordinary product is strong from both inside and outside. This power converter is also available in other sizes to fulfill most of your 12V DC power demands.

ALITOVE AC to DC Converter 100V ~ 240V to 12V 10A 120W Power Supply Adapter Car Cigarette Lighter Socket AC/DC Transformer for Car Vacuum Cleaner, Car Refrigerator and Other Car Devices


Alitove power converter reviews and safety guide

The next item is this Alitove AC 100V ~ 240V to DC 12V converter in the best 110V AC to 12V DC converters reviews. You can use to convert the household AC power to 12V DC power to run those appliances that need 12V input. Actually, many devices used in vehicles run on 12V DC current, so this power converter is perfect for those 12V devices.

Additionally, this product is highly safe and strong. Its users have liked it that you can see on Amazon. This Alitove converter has earned thousands of positive ratings on Amazon. The sturdy power converter is made of high-grade materials and features various protection elements. As a result, it gets rid of any electrical defects such as over-voltage, short circuit and over-heating as well.

This is a 10A power converter that has total output of 120-watt that means 10A x 12V = 120W. You can power all those DC devices that require less than 120W input power. Many people are using it to run their 12V appliances such as mini fridges, coolers, vacuum, fans and many others. The high-grade converter is refundable also. Which means, if you are not happy with the performance of this Alitove power converter, you will get your money back or a replacement. Read more…

Plus Points

  • Reliable customer assistance from Alitove
  • Money-back guarantee
  • The build quality is very good for the price
  • 120W output power is perfect to run most of the 12V devices that are often found in a car.
  • It delivers smooth power supply and it does not have any heating issues.
  • This product is recommended by those who are already using it. They say that they will buy more if needed.

Minus Points

  • The 12V car cigarette lighter plug is slightly thinner than what it should be according to some customers on Amazon.
  • It is not good with touches and movements. So, for a stable performance, keep it at one place and do not touch it frequently.
  • Low quality cord that needs improvement

On this Alitove AC to DC converter, many positive reviews have been written by their users. To know how popular it is, please check it on Amazon. It has countless happy users because of the 10A output that is perfect for most of the power requirements. It is also very sturdy and comes at an affordable price if you shop it on Amazon.

NIYIPXL LED Driver 120 Watts Waterproof IP67 Power Supply Transformer Adapter 100V-260V AC to 12V DC Low Voltage Output for LED Light, Computer Project, Outdoor Light and Any 12V DC LED Lights

niyipxl led driver 120 watts

After the Alitove 120W converter, please check this 120W LED driver. It converts AC to DC that is why; I kept it in the reviews of 110V AC to 12V DC converters.

If I compare it with the Alitove power converter then I will find many differences. It is a waterproof power converter, while the previous one was not a waterproof converter. The Alitove AC to DC power converter is highly popular but this one is not so popular. However, I do not see a big difference in the prices.

Capabilities: this NIYIPXL power converter takes 100V to 260V AC power and converters into 12V DC power. It has 60Hz frequency and 10A output capacity. Which means the total output in wattage becomes 120W. The 120-watt power is sufficient to run most of the 12V DC devices. According to the manufacturer, this power converter is very suitable for LED strip lights, computer accessories, and outdoor lights and so on.

Protection: the 12V power supply adapter has all the features that protect it from the common electrical faults.  The good thing is that it will get to the normal mode automatically after faults are corrected. Also, the waterproof power converter carries an aluminum exterior that is good to deal with heats and it is always stable. Read more…

Plus Points

  • Silent operation
  • Low price
  • Highly rated with 5-star ratings on Amazon
  • Delivers full 120W power, which is good to power most of the LED lights
  • It is also good for dimmers.
  • Easy installation

Minus Points

  • Some people doubt its waterproof capability.
  • The colors of positive and negative wires are not very good. For easy understanding, these should be black and white instead of being brown and blue.

NIYIPXL transformer is also a great tool to converter AC 110V power to DC 12V power. It has earned impressive ratings on Amazon. So, this product is highly recommended to power many types of lights. The easy to install power converter has no annoying sound and it delivers stable voltage for bulbs and other devices.

Enersystec 60W 110V to 12V Slim Converter, LED Strip Power Transformer IP67 Waterproof 5A Adapter

Enersystec 110V AC to 12V DC power transformer adaptor - 60W

The previous transformer was from NIYIPXL brand. Now please check this 110V AC to 12V DC power converter by Enersystec.

In this Enersystec power converter, the notable things are ultra-thin profile and waterproof capability. This AC to DC transfer has total 60W output, which is considered good to power most of the LED lights and other 12V devises that require less than 60-watt power.

The thin and small size power converter is good to install in a tight space. The manufacturer says that it is perfect for various cabinet lights, video cameras and door ringer.

The actual dimensions of this Enersystec 110V to 12V converter are 0.85” thickness, 9.76” length and 1.65” height. For the safety, the product is certified from UL and RU.

The AC 110V to DC 12V power adapter is an IP67 waterproof product, which is good to use at any places including bathrooms, wet locations and backyard. It delivers smooth power conversion to run your preferred 12V devices under 60-watt. Read more…

Plus Points

  • Waterproof converter is good to install at any places.
  • Easy to understand and use
  • It has 3-prong input plug.
  • The power converter offers reliability.
  • A UL approved product
  • Slim size

Minus Points

  • It is a newly listed product at Amazon so it does not have too many ratings there.
  • Some people complained that it failed to deliver the rated output.

To be frank, the Enersystec AC 110V to DC 12V power converter has too many plus points but it seems a new product to me. So, it lacks reviews and ratings from the users on Amazon. About this power converter, you will find many good things like UL approval, ultra-thin profile, easy installation etc. Actually, the price is very low so I will recommend buying it.

Yelesley AC to DC Converter 2A 24W Car Cigarette Lighter Socket 110-240V to 12V AC/DC Power Adapter

yelesley power converter AC to DC - high popularity

Yelesley AC 110V-240V to 12V DC power adaptor is also a capable product so I included it in the 110V AC to 12V DC converters list. This is a handy tool for converting AC into DC. It is a 2A capacity converter, which means it has total 24W DC output. You can power all those devices that require less than 24 DC power.

On Amazon, this 24W power converter is very popular. It has earned impressive ratings so the product deserves recommendations.

This product is very easy to use because it can take electricity from the household 120V socket and converts into 12V DC. You can use this power converter to power all those DC devices that run on less than 24W input power.

The only downside I see is that it has only 24W power. In my views, it should have more output, at least 100W. Anyways, a 24-watt converter has also many uses.

Also, it is strong and a long-lasting power adapter because it is made of high-class ABS plastic. The strong power converter has many safety conditions that will surely get rid of common electronic problems including short circuit, over voltage, over temperature etc.

For the convenience, it features 1.2 meter corded wire that can be plugged into any 110V household power. After plugging it, you will be able to run all those devices that feature a cigarette lighter plug.  Yelesley power converter is the best product to run under 24W devices such as vacuum cleaner, TV, RV refrigerator, air compressor, electric seat warmer and more. Read more…

Plus Points

  • A well-made product
  • Low price
  • The power converter has many applications such as powering vacuum cleaners, tire inflators and many others.
  • People are buying it to keep in their home for the emergency use.

Minus Point

  • The 24W capacity is very low.

Many people experienced issues for charging their devices because the 24W rated power is very low. Other than this, everything looks fine. It comes included with a 1.2-meter cord for the ease of use. Also, this is a low-price product with the best protection specifications.

The Science behind Converting AC to DC on the Circuit Board

AC to DC conversion is also known as rectification. To do this, diodes are used. What are diodes? They are electronic elements. These electronic elements pass the current in just one direction.

One thing you should note that at this point, the rectification is unable to supply stable current that you could use to power appliances and devices. So, this converted DC current is known as pulsating DC. Since pulsating DC flows in just one direction, so it is fluctuated. To overcome this problem, it has to go through one more filtering process. To filter it, three types of circuits are required such as half-wave, full-wave and bridge. Each of these rectifiers has its own circuitry parameters and explanation.

12V Appliances for Camping

We all know that 110V power is a standard household power that is fine with a wide array of appliances and devices. However, you can find countless appliances that run on 12V DC power. The beauty is that most of them are camping appliances.

Actually, I was very curious to know of these appliances so I searched the Amazon website and found too many of them. These appliances are electric lunch boxes, Alpicool refrigerators, Roadpro saucepans, portable ovens, electric blankets, electric kettles, mini rice cookers and many others.

DC Powered Devices – Pros and Cons


You can find many advantages of using DC enabled devices in a home. Today, we have an easy access to the renewable energy. This renewable energy system by default supplies DC power that can be used to power DC devices. If you do this, you will enjoy a standalone power independency in your house. Most importantly, you will not need an inverter because you will be connecting your DC devices to the DC power supply system.

In fact, most appliances in a home can run on DC power. However, you should have a way to converter the AC power into DC power. You can easily buy an 110V AC to 12V DC converter that you can use to supply power to your DC devices.

Other benefit of using the DC power supply is it is easy to understand. I will say it has simple grounding and it does not require too much maintenance cost. Of course, the DC power can be more reliable than the AC power.

Today, on the market, you can easily buy an 110V AC to 12V DC converter that will be perfect to power those DC devices. However, it depends on the output power the converter offers and you have to feed the DC power to the electronic devices accordingly.


To transmit DC power, it requires thicker cables. It is not in the case of AC power.

It is expensive to change the voltage of a DC signal.

Conversion from DC to AC is a little difficult. Most DC to AC converters deliver square wave instead of sine wave.

Both AC (Alternating Current) & DC (Direct Current) are Dangerous to Human Body

In fact, both AC and DC currents are harmful to a human body. According to many researches, those who experience DC electric shock are not able to detach themselves from the wire because DC current circulates continuously. So, people consider DC shock is more dangerous.

On the other hand, with an AC electric shock, people are able to detach themselves from the electric because it goes to zero. So, a shock from an AC current is less harmful than DC current.

Well, this argument is in favor of DC current. There is an argument in favor of AC current. This argument tells that an AC current is more dangerous than a DC current because the people experiencing AC current shocks undergo a series of muscle contractions. So, it damages the muscles very badly. One should also understand that DC current “let-go” threshold is higher than that of AC current. Which means high amount of DC current is needed when it is compared to AC current.

Briefly, both AC & DC currents are dangerous to human body. So, if you deal with any DC or AC current, you must adopt several safety measures.

Conclusion – 110V AC to 12V DC Converters Reviews

On this page, best five power converters are mentioned. These 110V AC to 12V DC converters are best in my knowledge. They will surely deliver the desired performance. Apart from good performance from these adaptors, you will notice that they are affordable to buy. Most of these products are available on Amazon so you do not have to search theme elsewhere.

Apart from these five power transformers, safety tips and other useful information you can find about the usage of DC and AC currents.

Also, you will find advantages and disadvantages of DC equipment. I am sure these advantages and disadvantages will be very helpful to you.


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