Best Black & Decker Inverters Review – 500W, 200W & 120W 12V DC to 120V AC Inverters

In the Best Black & Decker Inverters Review, three inverters have been selected. These Black & Decker inverters are PI500B 500W, PI120P 120W and VEC1045BD 200W inverters. We are already familiar with the Black & Decker manufacture that makes several power tools, kitchen appliances, industrial tools etc.

The Black & Decker inverters are recommended to buy because they adopt advanced technologies. The inverters come at competitive prices and they are ETL approved.

BLACK+DECKER PI500B 500W Power Inverter

Black & Decker 500W power inverter has received mixed reviews on Amazon and other selling platforms. Some customers say, it works perfectly, while some customers haven’t given it good ratings due to issues faced by them.

This Black & Decker inverter features dual USB ports and dual 120-volt AC outlets for connecting several devices simultaneously. It has 3.1A USB ports that are good for charging devices at a fast speed.

You can plug this 500W power inverter to a 12V car battery via the cigarette lither plug, after this you can start charging your devices. Such 500W inverters are good for charging a bunch of electronic devices including notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, cameras and small kitchen appliances.

500 watts Black Decker inverter

According to the manufacture, PI500B has a fan-free design that is good for the silent operations. The special design is good for the connected battery because it will not drain the car battery frequently. Most importantly, Black & Decker PI500B is an ETL approved inverter, which means you don’t have to worry of safety and other similar things.

Warranty: the 12V DC to 120V AC inverter comes with one year of warranty for the peace of mind. In case, you encounter any problems within one year, please contact the manufacture to claim the warranty. However, I admit the warranty period should be more than one year because most inverters from other brands come with 18-months or 2 years warranty period.

FAQs of Black & Decker 500W Inverter

Q: can I connect DC electronics with this inverter?

A: no, the Black & Decker 500W inverter doesn’t have a DC plug to connect DC devices. In case you want to connect a DC device, please connect with your battery directly.

Q: what is the output when connected via the cigarette lighter plug?

A: it should be 150W. I’m sure most car cigarette lighter 12V plug will not supply more than 150W power. If you try to draw more than 150W power, it will cause the fuse to blow on the cigarette lighter side.

Q: can I use the 500W inverter to run an electric fence that doesn’t consume more than 500W power?

A: yes, you can. However, please be careful that some appliances require surge power at the startup. Which means if the inverter is given too much load at the startup, it will stop working.

Q: can I run a vacuum cleaner that is rated as 120V 10A?

A: no, because 120V X 10A = 1200-watts. You will not be able to run a vacuum. Additionally, please consider that these inverters don’t have always 100% efficiency.

Q: do I have to keep my vehicle running when connected with the battery?

A: no, but please make sure that your battery is left charged to start your car.

The FAQs will answer some of the general questions related to this Black & Decker 500W inverter. It is advised to scan the list of FAQs mentioned above. It contains relevant questions and answers that you may already have. The questions and answers are related to total output power, connectivity related questions and other general questions.

User Experience

One – according to this Amazon customer, the Black & Decker 500W inverter is not worth the time. He used the inverter for a weak. It stopped working after few minutes. The inverter failed to charge even his cell phones.

Two – this user says that the inverter stopped working after three months. He used the inverter just twice. Further, he complains that the power button is not responsive because it switches on and off automatically.

Three – as per this customer, he has been using this inverter for many years without any issues.

Four – he says that inverter stopped working after one-day use.

Five – according to him the Black & Decker inverter looks used because the box was opened and then taped closed. Further, he says that the inverter looks like it is made in China.

Six – this person says that the power inverter worked for the first two weeks. After two weeks, the 110V socket stopped working. However, the USB ports still work.

Based on the user experience, which are collected from several selling platforms the inverter is not recommended to buy. The Black & Decker 500W inverter has received too many negative reviews. Please read the above-mentioned user statements, which are taken from some popular shopping websites.


  • Trusted Black & Decker brand
  • Appropriate price
  • Multiple connection sockets including USB
  • ETL certification
  • Noiseless operation


  • Many negative reviews on Amazon
  • Failed after few days
  • Used inverter sent to some customers
  • 110V sockets stopped working after few days.
  • Misleading information by manufacturer

Based on pros and cons, the Black & Decker inverter looks a useless product. Thus, I will not recommend buying this inverter. It is better to look for an inverter from other brands such as Bestek, AIMS etc.

Black & Decker PI120P 120W Power Inverter

In the Best Black & Decker Inverters Review, PI120P inverter is being reviewed. Since it comes from the same Black & Decker brand, so I wanted to review it too.

Like the previous inverter, this PI120P model is also a low-performance and low-quality inverter. From my side, the inverter is not recommended to buy because it has received mixed reviews composed of both positive and negative reviews.

According to the manufacturer, Black & Decker 120W power inverter features one 120-volt AC outlet and 2A USB port. In total, you have two connection sockets to charge your devices.

black & decker 120 watts inverter

You can establish a connection between the inverter and car battery via the cigarette lighter plug. Then, you will be able to charge small devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc.

According to Black & Decker, it delivers a fan-free operation, which is a silent operation. The inverter is protective to common electronic issues such as low-voltage, high-voltage, short circuits etc. Additionally, the Black & Decker inverter comes in a special design, which has foldable sockets. Thus, this feature seems very convenient.


Q: is this a pure sine wave or modified sine wave inverter?

A: this is a modified sine wave inverter.

Q: will the inverter run a hair straightener?

A: no, I’m doubtful to it. You should avoid any heating devices. This inverter is only good for charging cell phones and other small devices.

Q: can I run a hot pot using this inverter?

A: no, it is not allowed to run any heating element according to the instruction.

Q: can I run a vacuum using this inverter?

A: no, a vacuum draws approx. 1200 watts, so it is impossible to run a vacuum using this inverter.

Some frequently asked questions have been answered. According to the FAQs, the inverter has very low power. Thus, it is only good to charge small electronic devices such as mobile phones and those devices that draw power less than the specifications.


  • Good for charging cell phones
  • Affordable price
  • Black & Decker trusted brand
  • Lightweight
  • Special design with foldable sockets


  • Flimsy Plug hinge
  • Difficult to attach
  • Very less power

You can read the pros and cons. According to the pros and cons, the inverter has very less power. It is only good for charging mobile phones and some other small devices. I will advise buying an inverter from other brand. I respect Black & Decker but it has more experience in making power tools, kitchen appliances etc. This manufacturer has not good knowledge for producing good inverters.

Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter VEC1045BD

Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter VEC1045BD is the third inverter in the Best Black & Decker Inverters Reviews. The previous two inverters were not very good because they have received too many negative reviews from their users. However, VEC1045BD seems a good inverter based on reviews on various shopping portals.

Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter takes 12VDC power from your car battery and converts it into 115V AC power. Using the 115V output, you can run several electronic devices.

black decker 200-watt inverter

Additionally, the Black & Decker 200W inverter is built with good protective features. As a result, it is highly protective against high voltage, low voltage, short circuits. The inverter also features automatic shutdown capability, which becomes very protective to the connected battery.

Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter VEC1045BD comes included with all the accessories such as battery clips, cable set, DC accessory plug, owner manual and a warranty card.


  • Good for vehicle use
  • Black & Decker popular manufacturer
  • Safety alarm
  • Protective to the battery
  • Easy installation
  • Worth every penny
  • It eliminates heating issues.
  • On/off switch at the appropriate place
  • Easy to use
  • Connection via cigarette lighter


  • Horrible alarm sound
  • Modified sine wave not good for some devices

The Black & Decker 200W inverter has many pros, which are directly related to overall performance. The inverter is easy to install and easy to use. The On/off switch is at the right place for the utmost convenience. This inverter is also a battery saver because of the good protection mechanism.


In short, three Black & Decker inverters have been reviewed on this page. The first two inverters such as 500W and 120W inverters are not recommended to buy. These two inverters have too many negative comments. However, the last inverter, which is Black & Decker 200-Watt Inverter VEC1045BD is good from all aspects. It is highly recommended to buy.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker is a well-known manufacturer of various home appliances, kitchen appliances and power tools. In the past, it has manufactured countless appliances like microwaves, vacuum cleaners, drill press, metal cutting equipment and many others. However, when it comes to inverters, Black & Decker has not too many varieties.

Since, the manufacture is not fully involved in making inverters, so there should be some performance or quality issues. However, the last inverter, which is Black & Decker 200 watts inverter on this page, looks very good and performance oriented.


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