Schumacher PC-3000 3000W Power Inverter

Schumacher PC-3000 3000W Power Inverter

The Schumacher PC-3000 3000W Power Inverter is heavy-duty device which is able to power heavy appliances like washing machines, microwaves and hair dryers, it has ideal power sources for camping sites, RVs and providing back up power to homes in case of emergencies.

Schumacher PC-3000 3000W Power Inverter

The Schumacher PC-3000 3000W Power Inverter converts 12V battery power to 120V AC household power, designed for heavy-duty remote tools and equipment, these Includes four NEMA 5-15 USA AC outlets, two 5V 2A USB ports, low-battery alarm, and LED indicator.

The heat guard enable the unit turn off if the running temperature is very high, the two high-speed, built-in fans enable steady, cooling process with surge protection guides against destroying current unsteadiness.

This AIMS 3000 Watt pure sine wave inverter produces a clean sinusoidal output perfect for operating heavy-duty equipment efficiently. The construction is robust, overload and over-temperature guide are present and the inverter also has multiple outlets for ease of use. The inverter is sold justifiably for a pure sine wave inverter.

Apart from state of the art technology, durability, and reliability, this inverter also gives great ease of use. This is one of the reasons the AIMS often finds pride of place as one of our top picks in the 3000 Watts range.

The inverter gives direct connect AC terminal blocks, which comes in use when you have a variety of equipment that you want to run.

The inverter boasts of 6000 Watts surge capabilities and loud alarms that show low battery conditions.

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