PEAK Mobile Power Outlet, 3000 Watt

PEAK Mobile Power Outlet, 3000 Watt

The PEAK 3000 Watt Mobile Power Outlet gives you maximum power with minimum effort from the user, experience the power 3000 watts of heavy-duty energy that can even power-up your power tools and large appliances, like a refrigerator!

The 17.4 pounds peak Mobile Power outlet is designed to carry out the conversion of your vehicle’s 12V power into standard household power and one 2.1a USB port. The 3000-watt power outlet car adapter is portable and also a great choice for recharging your phones in the car.

PEAK Mobile Power Outlet, 3000 Watt

The power supplied comes in a consistent manner that helps boost the household strength power through 110/120 Volt AC outlets and one 2.1 Amp USB port by connecting directly to your ride’s battery. Moreover, with the help of a supplied clamp cord, there’s a bond linking between the peak mobile power outlet bank and the vehicle’s battery.

The 12V Power output wattage indicator also features protection from low battery drain, overloading/overheating and short circuits. You’ll get continuous household-strength power and surge tolerance with these Mobile Power Outlets. The PEAK Mobile Power Outlet is ETL certified meaning that it is 100% safe and guaranteed to not damage your automobile or any of the devices that it is powering. For added safety, its automatic shutdown and alarm ensure protection against overload, over-temperature, and informs the user of the battery status.

It also comes with heavy-duty connecting cables to the battery and a convenient remote on/off switch with an extended 10 ft. cable.

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